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Only users with permissions of project manager and higher can perform operations described below. Please contact your Project Administrator via email, indicating your interest in any of the points.

With the usage of Microsite(beta) you can create a single page website for your project. On that page you can put text, images and links.

Microsites are attached to Projects. You can only create a Microsite for an existing Project. A microsite can be seen as a public page that does not require login to be viewed.

Microsite support is behind feature-flag

Viewing a Microsite

Microsites are reachable through a URL hosted on the K-Link K-Box. The URL is in the form


where {dms-domain} is the domain from which you access the K-Box, while {project-slug} is the project friendly name, usually is the project name with eventual spaces substituted with dashes. For example if a project name is Project A the default slug is project-a.

Search from the Microsite

The Microsite offers a search box that lets your user search the accessible Public Network.


Learn more about search here

Creating a Microsite

Microsites can be created by Project Administrators using the button Create Microsite on the Project details panel.

microsite create button

Microsite content

The Microsite content support the Markdown syntax.

microsite content


  • currently microsites are updated 20 mins after your changes, if you need a faster refresh please contact the support

Editing a Microsite

The edit of the Microsite can be performed only by the Project Administrator from the Project management page, pressing the Edit Microsite button

microsite edit

Deleting a Microsite

You can delete a Microsite at any point in time. Deletion of a microsite can be performed only by the Project Administrator, by pressing the Delete Microsite button.

This operation cannot be undone.

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