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In the upper left corner you can search among accessible files.


You can search anywhere in the K-Box, except Trash. The scope depends on location search is triggered in. Hence, if a sub-collection is currently selected, your search will run only within this sub-collection. From the Projects page, your search goes through all available projects.


Use filters for more accurate search.



The search support special operators to let's you find more:

  • OR: find documents which contain either one of the keywords. When no operator is entered, the OR operator is assumed by the system. E.g. Markhor report 2014 keyword combination is understood by the system as: Markhor OR report OR 2014
  • AND: matches documents where both terms are used anywhere in the text. E.g. Markhor AND report AND 2014 will display documents where all the keywords are mentioned.
  • +: a word after this operator must exist in documents retrieved after search is performed. E.g., +Markhor AND report AND 2014 will search for all three key-words, but with a stronger focus on "Markhor". The result searches might also include documents containing only "Markhor", but not necessarily "report" and "2014".
  • NOT: any document containing the keyword that you write after this operator will be excluded from the search results.
  • *: when you do not remember the whole word (common with names/surnames), you can use this operator as a wild card. the symbol can be used to look for beginning or end of the word ( * in the end or beginning of the keyword respectively). E.g. Mar* will return documents containing words like Markhor, March, Marina, etc.

You can of course combine all those operators in order to get more relevant search results. For more information about search operators, refer to the Search Engine documentation

Search tip

Star your file clicking next to its title and it will appear in Starred. This functionality is limited to files hosted on your K-Box.

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