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To add a new file, select the collection or sub-collection in which the file will be stored.

There are several options for uploading a file into K-Box:

For videos use the "Create or Add" → “Upload Video" option


For any other file, use “Create or Add” → “Upload Document” or simply drag and drop

Supported video formats

The K-Box offer special support for mp4 video files encoded with H.264 codec (with AAC or MP3 audio). The minimum supported resolution is 480x360 pixels. The maximum supported resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.


To learn how the K-Box users handle duplicates, please go here

Storage quota

Each user can have a maximum amount of usable storage space. The available space and its limit are configured on a per-instance basis.

A file upload (i.e. a new document or a new file version) could be denied if the user account will go over-quota after uploading the file.

For more information please refer to User Storage Quota.

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