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K-Box Documentation

This folder contains the K-Box documentation.

The documentation targets users, IT person, and developers.


The release-note folder contains the presentation of the features included in a release. Release notes are created only for Major and Minor releases, patch releases are only documented as part of the changelog file.

The administration folder contains documentation related to K-Box instance management.

The installation folder contains documentation on how to install a K-Box on your server.

The user folder contains documentation related to the usage of the K-Box from the user perspective.

The developer folder contains documentation strictly related to the code and how thing works. Lot of developer documentation is also directly contained in the source code files as comments.

example structure

|-- docs
    |-- administration
    |-- installation
    |-- user
    |-- developer
    |-- release-note

How to contribute

Of course, we accept contribution. Documentation is a key aspect to empower new developers and new users.

The documentation consists in Markdown files with a YAML frontmatter.

Language rules

The documentation must be written in English.


The documentation must be written in Markdown files (with .md extension). Each file must have a lower case filename with no spaces. To separate words use a dash -.

At the beginning of each file a YAML frontmatter needs to be inserted. The frontmatter serve as metadata container for presentation purposes.

An example frontmatter is in the following code block

Slug: 0.20.0
Title: K-Box v0.20 (February 2017)
Description: What's new in the K-Box
Order: 0

File naming rules

When naming files please use

  • .md extension,
  • no spaces,
  • use - as word separator,
  • entirely lower case


User or developer documentation can be organized in sub-folders. We encourage to not use more than level of folders to keep the organization clean.

When naming folder please use

  • lower case,
  • no spaces,
  • - for word separation


Images can be used within the documentation. Image files must reside in a folder called images as sub-folder of the one that contains the file you want to insert the image into.

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