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Data object

The Data object define the metadata of the file.

Property Type Required Description
uuid String Universally unique identifier.
url String The URI where the source data is stored and retrievable.
hash String The SHA-2 (SHA-512) hash of the data content.
geo_location String The Geo location of the data, as an escaped GeoJson string. Coordinates must be in the <longitude, latitude> order and use the WGS84 (EPSG:4326) reference system.
type String The general type of the provided data. Can be only 'document' or 'video'.
klinks KLink[] Read only. The K-Links on which the data is published to
properties[] Object The metadata of a piece of data.
properties[mime_type] String The Mime type of the provided data.
properties[language] String ISO code of the main language (explicitly the abstract and title).
properties[title] String The title. Can be a cleaned version of the filename
properties[filename] String The file name of the data.
properties[created_at] String Data’s or file’s creation date in RFC-3339 format.
properties[updated_at] String Data’s or file’s updated date in RFC-3339 format.
properties[size] Integer Size of the referenced file.
properties[abstract] String A short abstract about the data or document.
properties[thumbnail] String The URI where the a thumbnail of this data is stored.
properties[tags][] List User-defined tags associated to the data (multiple).
properties[collections][] List Search data and browse within the hierarchy (multiple). Example: List [ "COLLECTION_ID_1", "COLLECTION_ID_2" ].
authors[] List List of authors (multiple).
authors[][] Object An object containing author's information.
authors[][name] String Name of the author.
authors[][email] String Contact email of author.
authors[][contact] String General contact information (e.g. URL to website or postal address).
copyright[] Object An object containing information on the copyright.
copyright[owner][] Object The owner of the copyright for the data.
copyright[owner][name] String Name of the copyright owner.
copyright[owner][email] String Email of the copyright owner, for inquiries.
copyright[owner][website] String URL of the copyright owner website for inquiries.
copyright[owner][address] String Address of the copyright owner, if available.
copyright[usage][] Object The conditions of use of the copyrighted data.
copyright[usage][short] String The associated usage permissions, as SPDX identifier ( and C for full copyright and PD for public domain.
copyright[usage][name] String The associated usage permissions to the piece of data. "All right reserved", "GNU General Public License", …, “Public Domain”.
copyright[usage][reference] String URL of the full license text (if applicable)..
uploader[] Object Information about the origin of the publication of data.
uploader[name] String Freely definable name. Can be a single user, a project or a group.
uploader[organization] String Freely definable organization (from API v3.3).
uploader[url] String URL to an human readable website with information about the source entity.
uploader[app_url] String The URL of the application that triggered the data upload. This data is coming from the Application data in the K-Link Registry. [internalOnly=true]
uploader[email] String Contact email for upload inquiries. This data is coming from the Application data in the K-Link Registry. Can be empty in case the application maintainer did not opt to share contact details [internalOnly=true]

Internal structure (computed by the K-Search and not exposed through the API)

Property Type Required Description
application_id Integer The application (ID) that added the data

Data object extension for video files

In case that type==video. It is expected to extend the properties by this data:

Property Type Required Description
properties[video][] Object Object containing information on the video file.
properties[video][duration] String Duration of the video.
properties[video][source] Object Information about the source file.
properties[video][source][format] String Format of the video file.
properties[video][source][resolution] String Resolution of the video.
properties[video][source][bitrate] String Bitrate of the video file.
properties[video][streaming][] List Information about the streaming services.
properties[video][streaming][][type] Object URL of the video stream type (youtube, dash, hls).
properties[video][streaming][][url] Object URL of the video stream.
properties[audio][] List Audio tracks attached to the video (multiple).
properties[audio][][] Object Object with information on one audio track
properties[audio][][language] String Main language(s) spoken in the audio track, free text.
properties[audio][][bitrate] String Bitrate of the audio track.
properties[audio][][format] String Format of the audio track. Example: "mp3"
properties[subtitles][] List Subtitles attached to the video (multiple).
properties[subtitles][][] Object Object with information on one subtitles track.
properties[subtitles][][language] String Language of the subtitles.
properties[subtitles][][file] String The URI where the subtitle file is stored and retrievable (or "built-in for wrapped subtitles").
properties[subtitles][][format] String Format of the subtitles track.

Error object

Property Type Required Description
code Integer JSON-RPC inspired error codes. (minimum: -32768; maximum: -30000)
message String Human readable error message.
data Object Additional information can optionally be provided on errors for better debugging.

Status object

Property Type Required Description
code Integer JSON-RPC inspired error codes. (minimum: -32768; maximum: -30000)
message String Human readable status message.

Data Status object

Property Type Required Description
status String The status of the requested data
type String The requested status type (since v3.4)
request_id String The request that originated the data to be in this state (since v3.4)
request_received_at String The time the originated request was made (since v3.4)
message String Human readable status message

The returned status may be:

  • index.ok: Indexing was ok
  • : Failure during the indexing of the Data
  • queued.ok : The Data has been queued for downloading and indexing
  • : The download of the data failed

K-Link object

Property Type Description
id String The K-Link identifier
name String The K-Link assigned name.