Scripting in Haskell
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Scripting in Haskell

See the latest docs at


  • link readthedocs
  • prerequisites (install stack, run stack setup)
  • simplest stack script. mention this only works for stackage packages
  • stack ghci into the script
  • simple Prelude-only stdin/stdout
  • reading inpfile, writing outfile
  • optparse-applicative with options and subcommands
  • "small project" scripts for multi-module scripting. mention hpack
  • tell about compiling script inside existing project stack ghc ... (runghc?), useful for reusing code to read config or other
  • mention ghcid and intero
  • mention OPTIONS_GHC -Wall -Werror
  • mention --optimized or whatever is a way to compile with -O
  • library recipes:
    • safe library, its fromJustNote and others
    • string-class for the string madness
    • reading/writing json
    • reading/writing csv
    • parsing dates in weird format
    • making http api calls
    • cleaning up json via lens
  • simplest stack script but with text?
  • turtle and its caching abilities, parsing (via sed)
  • failing hard via error and pattern-matching Just, provide nice stack traces
  • simple optimization recipe: LANGUAGE: Strict, -funpack-strict-fields
  • same-field datatypes via HasField and GHC.Records
  • check exception-safety, "broken pipe" behavior etc. Even when writing a minimal script, we want to make it a correct one
  • alternative preludes?
  • import Import pattern?
  • making a Flatpak package. see
  • making a Snap package from your script
  • making a Snap for a Systemd service (in case of a need to listen to something)
  • making a Debian package (and other executables/binaries) out of your script (see the reddit thread)
  • automatically build and deploy via some CIs (Docker (including macOS), Travis, check out others)
  • link
  • use custom snapshots with scripts