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// NSBezierPath_NV.m
// Notation
// Created by Zachary Schneirov on 1/14/11.
/*Copyright (c) 2010, Zachary Schneirov. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted
provided that the following conditions are met:
- Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions
and the following disclaimer.
- Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of
conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with
the distribution.
- Neither the name of Notational Velocity nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse
or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. */
#import "NSBezierPath_NV.h"
@implementation NSBezierPath (NV)
+ (NSBezierPath *)bezierPathWithRoundRectInRect:(NSRect)aRect radius:(float)radius {
NSBezierPath* path = [NSBezierPath bezierPath];
float smallestEdge = MIN(NSWidth(aRect), NSHeight(aRect));
radius = MIN(radius, 0.5f * smallestEdge);
NSRect rect = NSInsetRect(aRect, radius, radius);
[path appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:NSMakePoint(NSMinX(rect), NSMinY(rect)) radius:radius startAngle:180.0 endAngle:270.0];
[path appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:NSMakePoint(NSMaxX(rect), NSMinY(rect)) radius:radius startAngle:270.0 endAngle:360.0];
[path appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:NSMakePoint(NSMaxX(rect), NSMaxY(rect)) radius:radius startAngle: 0.0 endAngle: 90.0];
[path appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter:NSMakePoint(NSMinX(rect), NSMaxY(rect)) radius:radius startAngle: 90.0 endAngle:180.0];
[path closePath];
return path;
+ (NSBezierPath *)bezierPathWithLayoutManager:(NSLayoutManager*)layoutManager characterRange:(NSRange)charRange atPoint:(NSPoint)point {
NSRange range = [layoutManager glyphRangeForCharacterRange:charRange actualCharacterRange:NULL];
NSGlyph *glyphs = (NSGlyph *)malloc(sizeof(NSGlyph) * range.length * 2);
[layoutManager getGlyphs:glyphs range:range];
NSBezierPath *path = [NSBezierPath bezierPath];
[path moveToPoint:point];
[path appendBezierPathWithGlyphs:glyphs count:range.length inFont:[[layoutManager textStorage] font]];
return path;