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/* NoteAttributeColumn */
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@class NotesTableView;
@interface NoteAttributeColumn : NSTableColumn {
NSInteger (*sortFunction) (id*, id*);
NSInteger (*reverseSortFunction) (id*, id*);
id (*objectAttribute) (id, id);
SEL mutateObjectSelector;
float absoluteMinimumWidth;
+ (NSDictionary*)standardDictionary;
SEL columnAttributeMutator(NoteAttributeColumn *col);
- (void)setMutatingSelector:(SEL)selector;
id columnAttributeForObject(NotesTableView *tv, NoteAttributeColumn *col, id object);
- (void)updateWidthForHighlight;
id (*dereferencingFunction(NoteAttributeColumn *col))(id, id);
- (void)setDereferencingFunction:(id (*)(id, id))attributeFunction;
- (void)setSortingFunction:(NSInteger (*)(id*, id*))sortFunction;
- (NSInteger (*)(id*, id*))sortFunction;
- (void)setReverseSortingFunction:(NSInteger (*)(id*, id*))aFunction;
- (NSInteger (*)(id*, id*))reverseSortFunction;
- (void)setResizingMaskNumber:(NSNumber*)resizingMaskNumber;
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