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<div class="content-r">
<section id="static">
<code id="static-js" data-height="taller">const log = console.log;
function A( x, y ){
this.x = x;
this.y = y;
const a = new A( 1, 2 );
log( a );
log( a.x );
log( a.y );
function B( x, y, z ){ this, x, y );
this.z = z;
const b = new B( 4, 5, 6 );
log( b );
log( b.x );
log( b.y );
log( b.z );</code>
<section id="live" class="live hidden">
<h3> editor.</h3>
<h3>Edit the code and hit the run button.</h3>
<div id="editor" class="editor"></div>
<div class="output-container">
<div class="buttons-container">
<button id="execute" class="button run" type="button" style="background-color: #fe0">Run &rsaquo;</button>
<button id="reset" type="button" class="button">Reset</button>
<div id="console" class="output"><code></code></div>
<div class="edit-on-github">
<a target="_blank" href="">Edit on Github</a>
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