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Project to display all of Berlin's trees by year of plantation in the form of a video.


The images are rendered with mapnik. You can install it via pip install mapnik.

In order to add the labels to the videos you need convert from the imagemagick tool.

In order to render the actual video ffmpeg is required.

ffmpeg and imagemagick should be available via apt or brew.

Creating the images to be rendered

./   # Downloads the data from the tree api and puts it into ./data
./          # Renders the images with mapnik
./ # Adds the labels that show the year to the top left

Rendreing the video

ffmpeg -framerate 2 -start_number 1880 -i './rendered/%04d.png' -r 30  -pix_fmt yuv420p trees.mp4

This will create a file called trees.mp4 in your current working directory.