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The goal of this project is to make the unisport classes in Berlin searchable in one central place. It consists of three parts: the scrapers that get the data (from the unisport portals of Beuth, htw, HU, FU, TU), the backend that provides the collected data and makes it queryable, and the frontend that makes the data accessible.

IMPORTANY NOTE: When developing this I did not put very much though into making this flexible/redeployable. It might might behave weird at a lot of points but it should serve as a proof of concept. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me!


If you want to run the scrapers you need to have scrapy installed (which is not compatible with python3 which is used in the rest of the project so this needs to be handled separately).

If you have it installed you can run dotenv sh scrapers/

After that you will have a file called alle.json in the data folder that you specified in you .env which contains all the collected data. You need to import this by running dotenv python backend/ For this you now need to be in the python3 virtualenv with the requirements as described in the next part.


The backend development is done in python3. The following assumes that you are in the backend folder. First copy the dotenv.example file to .env and set the proper path to the test.db file.

The install the requirements via pip install -r requirements.txt. You then should be able to run dotenv python and see that the tests pass.


The frontend runs completely on its own you just need to set the correct BACKEND_URL in the app.js. Then you can for example start it by cding to the frontend directory and running python3 -m http.server which will start a local development server