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K-ONE Collaboration Project is launched from June 2015 to facilitate the community-driven collaborative development for next-generation networking software by focusing on the global open-source networking software around SDI (Software-Defined Infrastructure). Under the umbrella of Open Networking Korea initiative, K-ONE collaborators aim to investigage various software integrations and functionality modules, mostly tied with open-source software such as ONOS (Open Networking Operating System) SDN (Software-Defined Networking) Controller, OPNFV (Open Platform for NFV) NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Integration, and OpenStack Cloud Computing. Also, the developed software outcomes are to be validated with a real-world collaborative multi-site SDN/NFV/Cloud-enabled testbed, named as K-ONE Playground.

This collaborative project is led by academic consortium of five universities (GIST, KAIST, Korea University, Postech, Soongsil University) and is supported by various companies and research communities including SDN/NFV Forum of Korea.

Please check following links to find out more about K-ONE:

1. K-ONE Participants

2. K-ONE Playground

3. K-ONE Software Solutions

4. K-ONE Technical Documents

5. K-ONE Demonstrations

Please check K-ONE Collaboration Progress Summary (2015 - 2017).

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