This generates cards images based on descriptive yaml files for rapid prototyping of ccgs, boards games and the like
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* Ruby
* RMagick
* Rubygems
    * activesupport

Everything in data can be considered an example.

To generate the cards, run

$ ruby generate_images.rb

Data Files

Right now, the code is the best documentation, as there will be a GUI wrapper soon. Short version is as follows.

Card data

The cards.yaml files should include an array of cards. Each card should have

* card_type - used for the layout definition
* id - used for internal processing as saving to the filesystem
* background - optional, but this determines image size. Othersize, it defaults to 300x400
* artwork - options, and can include {{variables}}

Other attributes can be added however you want


The layout file should be a hash of every card type defined in the cards above. Each card_type should have a number of attributes under it. An attribute is anything that should be added to the card, such as the title. Each attribute should have its own definition. Valid values are as follows (Everything should have sane defaults, and therefore be optional, but as no one besides myself has used this, no promises):

* x: the horizontal positioning
* y: the vertical positioning

* wordwrap:
    limit: Add {char} after this many characters, respecting word breaks
    char: Separating character Default is \n
* render_with_variables: name of another attribute to render with card data. ie, source_image: /artwork/{{id}}.png

* font_size: Size of the font
* font: Only currently supported value is "italics"
* rotation: Degrees to rotate this attribute
* source_image: Instead of text, add an image to the card
* source_width: Resize the source image width
* source_height: Resize the source image height
* blending_method: control how a source image is added. ("under" is the only supported, and requires a background with transparency)
* offset_per_char:
    y: Move down this many pixels per character
    x: Move right this many pixels per character

* depends_on: add the attribute only if it matches a condition
    attribute: attribute on the card to compare against
    comparison: "present" is the only supported right now

* container_width: The width of a container to put content in
* container_height: The height of a container to put content in
* gravity: How content should be aligned in the container