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A twitter timeline proxy to be used from PhoneGap application
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Twitter Timeline in PhoneGap application

This is a dead simple service that allows to easily integrate an embedded twitter timeline to the PhoneGap native application.

The solution has been tested on PhoneGap 3.1.0 for iOS and Android versions.


  1. Add InAppBrowser PhoneGap plugin to your application.

    If you're using PhoneGapBuild service, add the following to the config.xml:

     <gap:plugin name="org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser" />

    If you're using Command Line tools run:

     cordova plugin add
  2. In your PhoneGap js file open InAppBrowserWindow with the twitter timeline:''), '_blank', 'location=no');
  3. Replace the roodyruby in the url with the twitter username / hashtag of the page you want to embed


  1. If you're using the first version of the service and getting Github 404 Not Found error, you should put slash / in front of ? before your widget id in the widget URL. This is caused by changes in the way Github Pages process parameters. More Details

  2. If you are using the second version of the service, and are getting blank screen instead of the timeline, you might need to replace widget_id with twitter_page in the url, as things are way simpler now. More Details

Working screenshots


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