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* Apache 2.x
* PHP 5.2.6 or later
* (optional) mod_rewrite (for short URLs)
* (optional) php5-gd (for server-side image resizing)
The current version of Hotglue was only extensively tested on Linux hosts.
* for editing: Mozilla Firefox (>= 3.6) or Google Chrome (>= 8.0)
While we haven't tested it, editing could also work on any recent Safari version.
* for viewing: the above plus Internet Explorer 8 (but keep IE8_COMPAT in the
config set to true)
* copy the directory of the tarball to a directory that is accessible to the
* make sure the webserver can write to the content directory and all contained
files (e.g. by running "chmod -R 0777 content" in the directory that you just copied the files to)
* it is recommended that you create a file where you
can overwrite the settings defined in the former file won't
get overwritten by future updates.
* make sure that you at least set AUTH_PASSWORD to a non-default value.
* (optional) if your hosting environment allows you to use mod_rewrite and
you want to use short URLs for your pages, you can rename the htaccess-dist
file to .htaccess (e.g. by running "move htaccess-dist .htaccess")
* if php is not installed as a module to apache (mod_php), but rather installed
as (Fast-)CGI binary, installing the htaccess file is mandatory (see known
issues section in README)
and finally
* launch the directory's URL from a browser and add "?edit" to the address
(e.g. to start editing
If you are using the optional .htaccess file you can also start editing by
just adding "edit" (e.g.
If something breaks and you want to troubleshoot the problem it is helpful to
turn on PHP error reporting by setting or adding "error_reporting(E_ALL);" to
your file.
You can also set the LOG_LEVEL (see to 'debug' in order to get
an overwhelming amount of logging information written to your log file, which
by default is in the content directory.
Requests from the client start in the log file with "--- request ---" and AJAX
requests with "--- json request ---". If you report a problem, make sure you
send with it only the relevant pieces of logging information (like the request
and all associated AJAX request that get written when the problem occurs).
For debugging frontend (JavaScript) issues, you can set USE_MIN_FILES to