Multi-platform Twitter Client built with React, Redux and Electron
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Nocturn Build Status

Multi-platform Twitter Client built with React, Redux and Electron.


  • Realtime timeline using UserStream
  • Multi-account support
  • Vim-like key bindings
  • Works on Windows, OSX and Linux



Download archive

For all platforms, you can download an archive from following link.

Package managers

For some platforms, you can use a package manager to install Nocturn.


Key bindings

OSXLinux, Windows
Tweet, Reply, Search Enter
Delete a tweet Cmd-Backspace Alt-Backspace
Favorite a tweet F
Retweet a tweet Shift-R
Select a next tweet J,
Select a previous tweet K,
Select the first tweet 0, Space
Open url with external browser T
Select a next tab Cmd-Shift-] Alt-P
Select a previous tab Cmd-Shift-[ Alt-O
Select a next account Cmd-J Alt-J
Select a previous account Cmd-K Alt-K
Insert a newline Alt-Enter Shift-Enter
Reload tweets and streaming Cmd-R Ctrl-R

Multi account


$ npm install
$ npm run setup
$ npm start

Build package

$ npm run build


$ yarn
$ npm run setup
$ brew install wine # if on macOs
$ which ghr # prepare ghr if not in PATH
$ export GITHUB_TOKEN="..." # set github token for ghr
$ npm run release


MIT License