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Jupyter Notebooks - Predict Polish stock market prices using RNN

The task of the project is to facilitate the work with the Stock-RNN project in order to predict the price of shares on the Polish stock exchange. The project is fully described in my blog The project consists of:

  1. Docker containers containing Jupyter Notebooks, Tensorflow (with Tensorboard), MongoDB
  2. Jupyter notebooks with code described in blog post.
  3. Project subtree - Stock-RNN which allow to build ,train and test neural network to predict Polish stock market prices.


To run project simply run docker container using:

docker-compose up

You will find http link to Jupyter Notebooks in the console.

There are two notebooks. They are both creating same Tensorflow graph and initialize training process but I thins PolishStockMarketPredictor_2 is better and I described it in my blog post.