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Django module for "Saving CSS changes made with Firebug or Webkit Developer Toolbar"
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"Backfire allows you to save CSS changes made with Firebug, Webkit Developer Toolbar or any other client side debugging tool." Django-backfire is integration of backfire helper for Django framework.

Original backfire code was developed by guys from and you can find it in Thanks for they efforts.

More info how it works You can find in


  1. Download and install:

        git clone
        cd backfire
        python install
    or using pip::
        pip install -e git+
  2. Copy or link media/backfire folder to your media folder


  1. Add backfire middleware at the end of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in file:

  2. add to your

    (r'^backfire/$', 'backfire.views.get_respond'),


You must be logged as staff member to be able to save changes.

Works best in Firefox together with Firebug plugin + Firepicker


CSS parser doesn't interpretate correctly inline media rules like:

@media print {
    * { color: #444; }


Django-backfire is released under the MIT License. See the _LICENSE file for more details.

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