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Once change set is calculated (see Diff section for details), kapp asks for user confirmation (unless --yes flag is specified) to proceed with changes.

Changes are applied in particular order. Currently it is:

  1. CRDs creation/update
  2. Namespace creation/update
  3. other resources
  4. CRD deletion

All created resources are labeled with several labels:

  • to track which application "owns" resource
  • to identify preferred API version used when creating resource
  • to track (best effort) parent-child relationships between resources

Every time application is deployed, new application change record is saved. They can be viewed via kapp app-change ls -a app-name.

Related: ownership label rules and label scoping rules.

Controlling apply via resource annotations

  • annotation controls update behaviour

    Possible values: `` (default), fallback-on-replace, `always-replace`. In some cases entire resources or subset resource fields are immutable which forces kapp users to specify how to apply wanted update.

    • `` means to issue plain update call
    • fallback-on-replace causes kapp to fallback to resource replacement if update call results in Invalid error
    • always-replace causes kapp to always delete and then create resource
  • annotation controls deletion behaviour

    Possible values: `` (default), orphan. By default resource is deleted, however; choosing `orphan` value will make kapp forget about this resource. Note that if this resource is owned by a different resource that's being deleted, it might still get deleted. Orphaned resources are annotated with `` annotation.

Controlling apply via deploy flags

  • --apply-ignored=bool explicitly applies ignored changes; this is useful in cases when controllers lose track of some resources instead of for example deleting them
  • --apply-wait=bool (default true) controls whether kapp will wait for resource to "stabilize"
  • --apply-wait-ignored=bool controls whether kapp will wait for ignored changes (regardless whether they were initiated by kapp or by controllers)
  • --apply-default-update-strategy=string controls default strategy for all resources (see annotation above)
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