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@cppforlife cppforlife released this May 13, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

  • [breaking] Remove -R flag, and allow use of directories by default
  • Add list command to list referenced images
  • Add a tag when pushing to registry to work better with registries that try to garbage collect non-tagged images
    • Tag is not meant to be useful to humans (e.g. kbld-rand-<timestamp>-<rand> => kbld-rand-1557783001400690000-5024985154169)
  • Remove temporary Docker tag to clean up docker images list
4d3df3e83a86be73413f8dc788778ce6e603aa0efa1ccb35c6e0cc1efb725ced  ./kbld-darwin-amd64
605ae37ee1b2f38883b4e55614415d3798161e9eb766088a3504aa707d9cd4ff  ./kbld-linux-amd64
f4adfa241916c7ebc1833c672927861f7f5d8e2f3c34804cf1f01a10670665df  ./kbld-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this May 7, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

  • unpkg command changes
    • Tag imported images with kbld-sha256-... to make imports possible in AWS ECR (details)
    • Add --registry-ca-cert-path flag to allow use with custom CAs (used commonly with Harbor)
ac243ec6149c9df7843c978eb530e05b00ebeafd905799e33abf630adf2923eb  ./kbld-darwin-amd64
e82867e73444ed83627de198124cff29ce46a3b3d304fa54b005596ae605f2b5  ./kbld-linux-amd64
81d9b0c9248b4e4497d1d147c4e43ca7c9b8a663344f6236f230999b15eb4f27  ./kbld-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this May 3, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

  • Retry writing images and indexes in unpkg command
  • Improve error message when image cannot be retrieved during packaging
  • Improve packaging docs
6aa3deefd419daf93bc0f9a4c36f9f5a087b3412ca676b2fce6e42b02d863150  ./kbld-darwin-amd64
7a4c44ebeb410cbee51bba272c2843835d071c6b01b230a53299a0dbabefd1f9  ./kbld-linux-amd64
ef8cc0e9912eaece281f6736942f7d5636f728e779831f3ce9ac02defe9c1e56  ./kbld-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this May 1, 2019

  • Added pkg and unpkg commands for packaging container images and importing into different registries
f00e88f9f55a1edd212fc1f50aabe2e1f36a5e600b79b9de3f52aee1b9ee07a9  ./kbld-darwin-amd64
d7d7a6b68c3b897b408a341c42814be0e4077aa0c992dc9da8e3d95a7e653105  ./kbld-linux-amd64
244e2a3a6a9c5a20ca32349559548d5c8d1f4315064459b09dbaedba2ed5a17f  ./kbld-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this Apr 19, 2019 · 29 commits to master since this release

  • Switch from kbld apply to just kbld
c8c5a06c63d06bdfb6dbca42d8c5dd2b1d5095b64e634a4de58229330a6d2cdc  ./kbld-darwin-amd64
5996b9f4605b5e2cbb017a485d144d011a8657da0f22bf53a3d55392c85ece3e  ./kbld-linux-amd64
ca6f5ea1d16f8fa95404347d58e1658dd1da1d6466baae71a5ef6aab704bb6f0  ./kbld-windows-amd64.exe
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@cppforlife cppforlife released this Apr 19, 2019 · 33 commits to master since this release

  • Able to resolve image reference to digests using registry API
  • Able to use Docker to orchestrate Docker build and push
c0f1b42398750f3deca07d8c50993de58598f864b478cc0b5dd3e36772bef9fb  ./kbld-darwin-amd64
39497786c5eb531660c967ae694426470504bae11afa0a3d9b0b219c3c6d5bfd  ./kbld-linux-amd64
22aaebf3ce44308b96c8328eb15ffb1b9a06246080aae86f3bb0bbd5c737d414  ./kbld-windows-amd64.exe
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