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YAML templating tool that works on YAML structure instead of text
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ytt (YAML Templating Tool)

ytt is a templating tool that understands YAML structure allowing you to focus on your data instead of how to properly escape it.


  • templating works on YAML structure (instead of text)
    • eliminates variety of problems such as invalid YAML formatting, escaping, etc.
  • syntactic sugar for single YAML node conditionals and for loops
    • makes it easier to read densely conditioned templated
  • templates are themselves valid YAML files
    • makes them friendly to existing editors and YAML tools
  • includes sandboxed "fully featured" Pythonic programming language
    • compared to what's exposed in go/template for example

Try out online playground or download latest binaries from Releases page (playground is included via ytt playground command).



Grab prebuilt binaries from the Releases page.

Try it

ytt -f examples/playground/example-demo/
ytt -f examples/playground/example-demo/ --output tmp/

See examples/playground/ for examples shown on


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