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Cake plus is cakephp plugin and provides some functions for CakePHP.
2.0 branch is for CakePHP2.x

We will provide functions as follow.

 -HtmlEscape: Execute Html Escape and nl2br to Array Data 
             (Option: you can set no escape list in Array Data)

 -AddValidationRule: Check number of Multi byte character.
                     Check difference between 2 fields.
                     Check Japanese Hiragana only input.
                     Check Japanese Katakana only input.
                     Check Japanese Zenkaku only input.
                     Check space and Multibyte space only input.

 -ValidationErrorI18n: set validation error messages with gettext __() 

 -ValidationPatterns: Summarize multiple validation pattern for writing validation define easily.

 -FormScreen: Auto create hidden tag

===== Contributors ========================
k1LoW : feature of hash value check with AuthComponent in add_validation_rule::checkCompare
        Help me to create ValidationErrorI18nBehavior.
        Made the patch for CakePHP2.0

Kagasawa-san : adding validation rules(betweenJP, hiragana_only, zenkaku_only)
               Author of the ValidationPatterns behavior.