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recipe - CakePHP CLI Package Installer -


  1. Download only recipe.php in your app project directory.
  2. php recipe.php
  3. Search and install package.


wget  --no-check-certificate -O recipe.php && \
php recipe.php && rm recipe.php

Use Your Recipe

recipe can use your own recipe!!


Set package list by $ingredients.

Make php script myrecipe.php like ingredients.php, and execute php recipe.php -r myrecipe.php. So you can select your package list.


Select install packages in advance by $recipe.

Make follow php script myrecipe.php, and execute php recipe.php -r myrecipe.php. So recipe install DebugKit, Search and Utils all at once.

    $recipe = array('DebugKit', 'Search', 'Utils');

Remote recipe

recipe support remote recipe (like gist).


php recipe.php -r