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A TCP monitor in java


This is a simple Monitor in Java. It pings the monitor and updates the status to a mysql database. you can retrieve the statuses from that database in your website the way you like. Further documentation follows.


Java 11 or later required. (JDK + mysql or mariadb connector when compiling from source) A MySQL/mariadb server


Running from source

  1. create a database and use db.sql to create the table.
  2. modify monitor.cnf to match your connection details
  3. add a mysql/mariadb connector to the modulepath
  4. run main/

Using a pre-compiled jar

  1. Download & extract the pre-compiled jarfile (in a .tar.gz archive with monitor.cnf and db.sql)
  2. create a database and populate with db.sql
  3. edit the monitor.cnf file with the connection details
  4. run the jarfile with java -jar monitor-mariadb-1.0.jar (mariadb) or java -jar monitor-mysql-1.0.jar(mysql)

Adding monitors

you add monitors by adding rows to the mysql database. Below is an example:

-- 'nuc' is the name, '' is the ip
insert into monitor.monitor(name,ip) values ('nuc','');

retrieving the status from the database

just select the statuc collumn:

select name, status from monitor;

Docs of the domain package

domain package api:


Licence: GPLv3

Future features:

  • E-mail notifications (optional, will use SMTP)
  • SQLite Storage
  • Interactive installer (will populate database for you and write config file.