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EvilHack Changelog
Version 0.1.0
First version of EvilHack, which was forked off of NetHack 362-hdf as of October 20th, 2018.
Commits from NetHack 3.6.2 beta (vanilla) will be incorporated on a regular basis so as to
stay current with the 3.6.x codebase.
Version 0.1.0 of EvilHack is for the most part laying down the foundation for content from
other sources to be added (primarily GruntHack and Sporkhack), and for new custom content to
be created and implemented.
The following changes to date are:
- Edits to config.h, patchlevel.h, allmain.src, sysconf, Makefiles and hints files to
differentiate EvilHack from NetHack
- adjust install script for EvilHack for use on public server
- significant merges of latest 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 code
Version 0.1.1
- Allow two-weaponing with an artifact weapon in each hand
- Allow passive properties of an off-hand magical or artifact weapon to function
- Artifact additions and changes (affects some quest artifacts)
- Changes to the 'Knight' role
- Import of SporkHack and GruntHack monsters (round one)
- New custom made monsters
- Tweaks to some existing monsters
- Descriptive hit messages
- Monster hit point generation modifications
- Various monsters can ride steeds (from SpliceHack)
- Removal of the mysterious force, nasties now spawn at upstairs while traveling up
with the Amulet
- Enable displacement for shimmering dragons
- Grudge Patch (by Nephi, modified)
- Zombies (from GruntHack, modified)
- Revamp of The Riders
- Descriptive hit messages
- Armor adjustments, racial armor bonues
- Dragon armor and secondary extrinsics (from SporkHack, modified)
- Spell casting while wearing body armor (from SporkHack, modified)
- Pet behavior/AI revamp (from SpliceHack/GruntHack)
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 (as of January 1st, 2019)
Version 0.1.2
- 'Give' extended command (from SpliceHack)
- Displace peaceful monsters (from xNetHack)
- Unicorn horns are one-handed, no longer cure attribute loss
- Magic missile changes (from SporkHack, modified)
- Reflection is only partial (from SporkHack, modified)
- Conflict is based off players charisma score (from SporkHack)
- Telepathy intrinsic changes (from SporkHack, modified)
- Intelligent monsters can loot containers and put gear into carried bags (from GruntHack)
- Tileset support
- Tweaks to strength and two-weaponing damage/to-hit bonuses
- Changes to blessed genocide scroll behavior (from SporkHack)
- Scrolls of identify are universally known
- Some monsters that are scared will scream (from SporkHack)
- Potion of speed can cure extrinsic 'slow' effect
- Cursed amulet of life saving will fail (from SporkHack, modified)
- Racial shopkeepers (from SporkHack, modified)
- Changed color of mind flayers and the Wizard of Yendor
- more changes to zombies
- Giant as a playable race (from SporkHack, modified)
- Boulders in inventory stack, and can be quivered/fired if able
- more adjustments to the 'grudge patch'
- Altar sacrificing changes (from SporkHack, modified)
- Colored walls and floors patch
- New intrinsic: Food Sense
- Hobbit as a playable race
- Centaurs as a playable race (adjusted armor choices for both player and monster)
- All roles can train riding to basic
- Changes to spell level difficulty
- New spells (reflection, lightning, acid blast, poison blast, repair armor)
(from SporkHack and GruntHack)
- Dexterity affects your AC
- Monks get some love
- New wizard starting pet (pseudodragon)
- Pick-axe skill affects how fast you can dig
- Intelligent monsters can loot portable containers
- Owned artifact patch
- Tweaks to higher-level monsters
- New monster spells; revamp of others (notably 'destroy armor')
- Monster stoning behaves like player stoning
- Exploding bag of holding does not destroy everything
- New container: iron safe (from SporkHack)
- Unlock your quest by killing your quest leader if you made them angry
- More artifact revamps
- Unskilled/restricted weapon use feedback
- Killer can go through your possessions upon death (affects bones)
- New items; changes to existing items
- Invisibility/see invisible is no longer permanent in most cases
- Diluted potions have diminished effects
- Pets will stop eating once satiated
- Izchak changes
- Sokoban End revamp
- New item: amulet of flying (from UnNetHack)
- Monster Ring patch
- More new monster spells
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 (as of March 11th, 2019)
Version 0.2.0
- Object Materials patch (from xNetHack)
- Several tweaks and adjustments to various things to take the new object materials patch
into account
- New monsters: elven wizard, hobbit rogue
- Add some flavor to the Magic 8-Ball
- Magic markers no longer randomly generated, chance of one being found in Sokoban
- Two-weaponing artifacts is back in, but with restrictions (lawful and chaotic don't play
nice together)
- Artifact changes: Fire/Frost brand are now short swords, made of mithril
- Spellbook weight determined by its level
- Leprechauns will steal anything made of gold (from xNetHack)
- Melee combat can wake up nearby monsters
- Wish tracker (from SporkHack)
- Intelligent monsters can use wands of wishing (from GruntHack/SpliceHack)
- Female counterparts to several monster lord/king types (lady/queen)
- Racial soldiers: major change to soldier/sergeant/lieutenant/captain monsters, can be several
different humanoid races
- Major mplayer overhaul: spellcasters can cast spells, rogues can steal, all mplayers can and
will steal the Amulet, kitted out with ascension-kit level gear appropriate for their level
- Chest traps can now affect looting monsters the same way as the player is affected
- Monsters with low AC enjoy damage reduction much like the player does
- Updated monsters using wands logic (offensively use wands of polymorph)
- Monster can sacrifice the Amulet of Yendor
- Much larger array of female names for female mplayers
- Spellcasting monsters can cast 'stone to flesh' on themselves
- Monster AI improvements (melee and object use)
- Reduce how much luck affects to-hit
- Additional monster spell tweaks
- Monsters can recognize a resistance the player has, and can adjust attacks accordingly
- Beholder tweaks and changes (stoning gaze is no longer instant, cannot be genocided,
are generated asleep 80% of the time)
- Medusa revamp and overhaul: a more worthy opponent now
- Magical eye now has a luck diminishing attack
- Luck timeout is slowed instead of halted by luckstones
- Additional monster MR2 flags: water walking and jumping
- Monsters can get displacement from armor that grants it
- Random wands of wishing are generated already recharged once
- Tweaks to the Wizard of Yendor and the summon nasties list
- Blessed stethoscopes can reveal egg contents
- Wresting a wand is directly affected by its BUC status
- Livelog additions and updates
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 (as of April 6th, 2019)
Version 0.2.1
- Significant changes to some of the gnomish mines towns (especially Orcish Town)
- Iron bars can be blown apart by wands of striking or force bolt spell
- Booby-trapped doors actually explode and can cause fire damage
- Several new traps added
- Dipping for Excalibur livelogging got a much-needed refresh
- The gnomish mines have rivers running through them (and 1 out of 100 times,
it's lava instead of water)
- Default castle changes, new castles added to the rotation
- New Fort Ludios maps
- Changes and tweaks to the Valley of the Dead
- Major Gehennom revamp (mines-style levels with lots of lava instead of random mazes)
- All demon lords and princes have their own special level now in Gehennom. Yes, you have
to deal with Demogorgon
- Special room generation/random 'vaults' added to the regular dungeon
- New mines end map - Orc Temple (by Khor)
- Several new livelogged events (killing another players' ghost, BoH exploding, sokoban
tweak, stealing from a shop)
- Wands of light as well as casting the spell or reading a scroll of light has a 20% chance
of blinding any monsters within range that can see
- Viewing monsters via farlook provides a bit more basic information
- Players cannot successfully engrave Elbereth until they have learned it in-game (thank you Tangles)
- Various bug fixes and code clean-up throughout
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 (as of April 12th, 2019)
Version 0.3.0
- Zombie movement speed and corpse revival time adjusted
- Significant changes to zombie claw/bite attack and zombie sickness
- Peaceful monsters no longer get angry if damaged by a hostile monsters AoE spell
- Eating a zombie corpse infects you with their zombie sickness
- Multitude of various fixes to player races, monster players, livelogging, tool use,
random vault room selection, rivers in the gnomish mines, and descriptive hit messages
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 (as of April 16th, 2019)
Version 0.3.1
- Another major fix for mplayer monsters using the correct rank based on their role
(more of a kludge, but it works)
- Fix racial shopkeeper pricing (mind flayers were only charging 3 zm for anything,
couple other tweaks)
- Bribe amounts from demon lords/princes significantly increased to something much more realistic
- New feature: player can view item weight in inventory (off by default, use OPTIONS=invweight
in rc config to turn on)
- Fixes concerning eating magical eyes (confers luck)
- Excalibur livelog tweaks
- Player can cure extrinsic slow with a wand of speed monster
- Fix: vibrating square maze was not loading, allowing the player to skip the invocation and
go straight to the sanctum
- Fix: really odd pet eating behavior (disabled code section imported from GruntHack)
- Fix: special instakill/heavy damage attacks from certain artifacts (was applying to
all monsters and not their intended target race only)
- Add demon lords/princes to the list of monsters who are not affected via magical scaring
- Change the Barbarian quest artifact base ring type from stealth to free action
- Magic traps can confer permanent see invisible (on/off) as well as invisibility
- Medusa revamp, round two (based on player feedback and some of my own ideas)
- New dungeon feature: forges - player interacts with them just like they would a fountain,
but instead of water, it's molten lava. See the 'forges' commit for what all it can do
- Fix: instakill from poison vs poison reistance percentage
- Fix: 'turning into a zombie' status not showing when checking yourself via wand of probing
or a stethoscope
- Added more rumors (mostly true)
- Fix: 2nd attack for GM monk so cockatrices don't instapetrify when wearing gloves
- Fix: 'placing monster over another' and 'can't place branch' impossibe messages
- Add inventory weight/carrying cap and number of slots left to inventory display
- Fix: 'named object not in disco' when forgetting known objects (amnesia or brain eaten)
- Tweak pseudodragon/elder pseudodragon behavior in regards to items
- Fix: monsters using a bag of tricks would show as '<monster> reads a bag of tricks'
- Fix: properly map steed ids when loading bones files to prevent panic()
- Fix: priests and shopkleepers stepping on zombies
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.2 (as of May 5th, 2019)
Version 0.3.2
- Fix: correctly handle player and steed getting polymorphed on a trap
- Change status lines' "End Game" behavior back to old method
- Elder minotaurs will spawn with wands of digging
- Fix: displaced monsters attacking non-displaced would behave as if the non-displaced
monster was the one with displacement
- Tweaks to the Red Horse
- Added a third tier to the wizard starting pet pseudodragon
- New monsters: enormous rat, rodent of unusual size, rabid dog, jumping spider,
honey badger
- Random dragonhide-based armor is a bit more rare to find
- Fix: eating a tengu corpse gave the player teleportis and teleport control
immediately, first time
- Proper feedback when trying to destroy iron bars with a wand of striking/spell
of force bolt and can't
- Fix: adjusted behavior of spellcasting monsters using stone to flesh on themselves
- Randomize the message received when the player dies and the attacking monster
starts to go through their possessions
- Add feedback when zapping a wand of cancellation at a monster
- New monster spell: MGC_CANCELLATION
- Fix: monsters zapped by a wand of polymorph wielded by another monster would not
change form and/or die
- Fix: The Ring of P'hul can now be wished for
- Added an EvilHack splash screen for curses mode
- Tweak castle-2 level
- Fix: impossible when monster's armor gets destroyed by a spell
- Updated the item array for what monsters will wish for
- Tweaks to spear traps
- Adjust pet behavior is regards to zombie corpses
- Record killing of unique monsters, other special monster types in the xlogfile
(primarily for the JunetHack tournament)
- Twoweapon patch
- Priests are penalized for using edged weapons
- Most mplayers will spawn with a key or other unlocking tool
- Fix: force bolt/wand of striking feedback when hitting iron bars
- Room generation code clean up
- Sokoban end revamp (round three)
- Change livelogging of killing a players bones ghost to any creature they rise as
- Shopkeeper race selection improvements
- Minor zombie tweaks
- Fix: temporary fix preventing segfault when splitting puddings and their corpses
are absorbed into another corpse
- Adjustments to what players receive via altar sacrificing (regular items)
- Fix: giant player race wasn't getting hungerless regeneration intrinsic
- Fix: a burnt partly eaten <corpse name here>
- Nazgul and lichen tweaks
- Fix: monsters engulfing other monsters off of their steeds
- Fix: Monster steeds in bones files are detatched from their riders
- Adjust zombie movement speed and claw attack
- Fix: handling of weapon damage based on material type
- More Izchak tweaks
- Specific livelog message for 'killing' Death
- Fix: segfault when monster player has the Amulet of Yendor and the Wizard of Yendor appears
- Excalibur and Dirge never have a negative enchantment
- Fix: Monk triggering 'hitting with a wielded weapon for first time' conduct when fighting
bare-handed but weapon was flagged as 'alternate weapon; not wielded'
- Change various objects base material from iron to generic metal
- Fix: tame high-level spellcasting monster pets would still cast MGC_CANCELLATION at the hero
- Tweak starting gear if playing Giant race
- More spell casting while wearing body armor revamps
- Fix: Prevent intelligent monsters from unlocking an iron safe with keys/lock picks/credit cards
- Fix: Boojum AD_TLPT attack wasn't teleporting the hero
- Fix: change The Sword of Bheleu's base material from mithril to gemstone
- Fix: Monks did not have weapon skill restriction lifted when receiving an artifact gift weapon
- Another Monk weapon skills revamp
- Fix: being killed by an exploding forge was displaying the wrong 'killed by' message
- Fix: livelog output when the player blows up their bag of holding
- Fix: spear traps should not be able to reach the hero if they are flying
- Quest leaders nor nemesis can be frightened by magical means
- Monsters that revive (trolls, zombies) will not revive if they lose their heads
- Fix: spear traps properly handle steeds
- Added a random set of death messages from being killed by a spear trap
- Artifact properties when in offhand and two-weaponing are active
- Limit amount of times a wand of death can be recharged
- Putting Magicbane into a bag of holding has a chance of causing the bag to explode
- Wands of cancellation self-identify when the player observes their use and effects
- Player can see colored flashes when dropping a container on an altar
- Objects can be completely destroyed via rusting/rotting/corroding
- Fix: broken 'killed by' format when the player dies due to eating a zombie corpse
- Unique death messages when killed by a water elemental or gelatinous cube while engulfed
- Improved feedback when cancelling a monster
- Hobbits can eat significantly more food before becoming satiated
- Tweaks to Hobbit eating/hunger feedback
- Fix: opening a trapped tin while in Sokoban would trip the doors at Sokoban End
- Neutral aligned summon minion has small chance of producing something other than an elemental
- Fix: Monsters that have an aversion to a certain material should never spawn with an object made of that material
- Fix: disallow obtaining Excalibur or Dirge by using a helm of opposite alignment
- Magic lamps can be wished for
- Fix: segfault when playing as priest and attacking a monster bare-handed
- Several changes to dragon scales/scale mail secondary extrinsics (humanoid monsters wearing same armor have most
DSM extrinsics as do dragons themselves, BDSM can disintegrate you or certain inventory objects,
GDSM has a cancellation secondary extrinsic)
- Fix: several issues regarding monster steeds
- Medusa's stoning bite can be cancelled
- Tame vampires no longer revert to fog/animal form
- Fix: magic marker not showing up as 'sokoban prize tool'
- Allow any slash/pierce weapon to be poisonable
- Improved logic concerning passive attacks
- Unique death messages when engulfed or digested
- Elves (player and monster) have a true aversion to iron
- Orcs (player and monster) have a true aversion to mithril
- Additional logic to compel monsters in possession of the Amulet of Yendor to go sacrifice it if on the Astral Plane
- Primary spellcasters can be gifted spellbooks via altar sacrificing
- Allow Rogue's 'strike from behind' damage bonus while twoweaponing
- Monsters will fire their ranged weapon at melee range if no other option exists
- Player races elves and orcs will not received items from their deity made of a hated materail
- Beholders will always show as a 5 via warning
- Tame spellcasting pets should not summon nasties
- Amulet of life saving will not work if the wearer is non-living (player and monster)
- Skills flagged as > in the #enhance menu require just a bit more practice to advance
- Small chance the game will continue if the player rises from the grave (undead)
- HTML dumplogs
- Fooproofed items have a chance to resist being disintegrated if they come in contact with a black dragon,
any invocation item and the Amulet of Yendor are immune to being disintegrated
- Mithril, bone and mineral materials can grant various levels of MC to elves/orcs
- Rogue new skill: Thievery
- Monk new ability: break boulders or statues using martial arts
- Add materials to list of helmet objects that can protect you from falling objects
- Improvements to the 'Owned Artifact' patch
- Fixes and tweaks to passive disintegration attack
- Fix: Hobbit player race receiving 'this satiates your stomach' too early
- Fix: iron hook spawning with a different material other than iron
- Monster spells cancellation, fire bolt and ice bolt require that their target is lined up
- HTML dumplogs - adjust object/terrain colors, add font for windows users
- Magical staves keep their base material when given to the player via altar sacrifice
- Fix: a burnt partly eaten <corpse name here> (last time)
- Fix: 'dealloc_obj: obj not free' crash when a bag of holding explodes with gold pieces inside of it
- Fix: intelligent monsters going through locked containers when not seen
- Fix: 'impossible: Can't place branch!' panic messages in Gehennom
- Monster player tweaks and fixes (Monks finally spawn with gear, Knights steed randomized)
- Fix: 'impossible - breaking non-equipped glass obj? Program in disorder!' when wielding
and attacking with a stack of glass weapons
- Fix: game crash when last rustable/corrodible object in player inventory rusts/corrodes
away and is gone
- Player spell 'haste self' can cure slow effect
- Improved feedback when a monster activates a figurine
- Fix: restricted weapon penalty messages when using a different form of attack
- Tweak dfficultly level of goblin outriders / goblin-captains
- Fix: Intelligent pet code issues
- Player monsters or any covetous monsters will grudge any monster that has
the Amulet of Yendor
- A mounted steed will attack hostiles on its own without having to be attacked first
if its tameness is high enough
- Player race orc can ride tame wargs
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.3 'work-in-progress' (as of August 31st, 2019)
Version 0.4.0
- Amulet material fixes (by ogmobot)
- Object properties patch
- Adjust material frequency for items regularly made of iron/metal, orcish gear, dwarvish weapons
- New weapons/armor (orcish scimitar, orcish boots, regular gauntlets
- Fix: crash due to various dragon scales/scale mail and Dragonbane passive attack
- Healers gain sickness resistance intrinsic at experience level 15
- Fix: inventory weight and available/total slots showing up as a menu selection
- Fix: player races that hated a certain material would still be adversely affected while
twoweaponing and wearing gloves
- Dirge does proper acid damage to worn armor
- Prevent monsters' starting gear from being a material they hate
- Fix: not all cases were covered in regards to protecting the players (or monsters) head
for a hard helmet made of a hard material.
- Heavy objects falling on your head do more damage than normal
- Glass helmets when worn can shatter if a heavy object falls on the players head
- When polymorphed into forms that have certain attacks, don't use those attacks under
certain conditions
- New player race: Illithid
- Fix: MR_PSYCHIC was not applied correctly for all monsters with the flag
- Fix: panic when trying to wear orcish boots
- Fix: the <weapon> welds itself to the hobbit rogue's claw!
- Add tentacle brain-eating attack to Illithid player race
- Make shimmering scales use toggle_stealth and toggle_displacement (by ogmobot)
- Gold DSM shouldn't stop glowing if it hasn't yet been worn (by ogmobot)
- Adjust Illithid tentacle attack damage based on experience level
- New race/role combinations (dwarf barbarian, samurai or wizard, giant wizard)
- New player role: Convict
- Add Luck Blade to the array of chaotic artifacts
- Allow the Iron Ball of Liberation to be wished for
- Fix: cursed amulet of life saving could appear in bones file after use
- Illithid player race fixes (by ogmobot)
- Slight adjustments to mines' end 'Orc Temple'
- Reduce amount of feedback received with fighting with a weapon that requires more practice
to train or is restricted
- High priest in the sanctum has a magic marker in inventory
- Fix: various intelligent monster AI issues
- Fix: monster steeds lagging behind one turn when it and its rider are teleported
- Fix: incorrect feedback when invisible monster rides a steed
- Forge revamp
- Fix: crash bug introduced from last commit (tame lava demon from forge-dipping)
- Dropping a ring of polymorph down a sink has a chance of creating a forge
- Forge tweaks - extra feedback when dipping and nothing of consequence happens,
slightly increased odds again of repairing damage to metal objects
- Illithid race not allowed to play healer role
- Create three levels of the Dark Knight's steed, the 'nightmare' (lesser nightmare,
nightmare, cauchemar)
- Adjust stats of all three levels of pseudodragon
- Bugbear edit (now S_ORC as it should have been)
- New vampire types
- Fix: crash when trying to check steed of invisible monster (by ogmobot)
- Owlbear makeover
- Lava demons like lava
- Use set_material for Croesus' gear (by ogmobot)
- New monster: Sea dragon
- New objects: Helm of speed, amulet of magic resistance
- Two sokoban end prizes changed
- New object: gauntlets of protection
- Readjust dwarvish/elven chain mail MC
- The Eyes of the Overworld protect against several gaze attacks
- Monks wearing body armor penalty actually means something (penalty is more severe)
- Player feedback for monks wearing/removing body armor
- Artifact weapons used against black drgaons have much greater chance
of not being disintegrated
- Killing a dragon while engulfed by it will produce a dragon corpse
- Tame dragons don't drop scales
- Adjust shopkeepers' base level to 13
- New monster: Woolly Mammoth
- Elephant-like monsters gain a gripping trunk attack
- Mumak revamp
- Revamp of the monster HP modification code (from xNetHack)
- Ghost overhaul
- Suppress livelogging of the Red Horse being killed
- Adjust spear trap damage based on level depth
- Fix: how helmets are supposed to block attacks to your head
- Dragonbane is immune to black dragon's passive disintegration
- Fix: better feedback for 'you hear something being opened'
- Mindless monsters are unaffected by any means of scaring
- Fix: breaking a statue that had contents would not clear cobj
- The Lady of the Lake wants your sword
- Reverting back to wands of death can only be recharged once before exploding
- Hobbit rogues, human rogues always have gold on them
- Croesus can move other monsters out of his way
- Nazgul scream attack can potentially shatter glass objects
- Sokoban end: walls that replace disppearing doors prevent phasing
- Fix: if player has an object that is already ID'ed and that object is also
one of the sokoban prizes, don't show that sokoban prize object as
known until it's actually been picked up by the player.
- Wand of death/finger of death spell is not completely negated by magic
- Monsters with magic resistance are affected the same way as the player
when hit by a wand of death/finger of death spell
- Livelog ID'ed sokoban prize and not 'sokoban prize <object>
- More scenarios where fire damage can destroy objects
- Less chance of waking monsters in combat if stealthy
- New conducts
- Don't break petless conduct upon entering the Astral Plane
- New object: crystal chest
- Fix: artifactless conduct wasn't broken by kicking an artifact
- New monster: giant centipede (hi Grasshopper!)
- Fix: msize bug with shambling horror
- Fix: player monsters taking the wrong rank when created
- Tweak damage from iron/mithril as a hated material
- Additional missing monsters added to monsters.txt
- Latest merges from 'vanilla' NetHack 3.6.3 'work-in-progress' (as of October 12th, 2019)
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