Azimuth Mapping for Contacts
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Azimuth Mapping for Contacts

This no longer needs Pandas. Just basemap and matplotlib. log.adi - this should be your ADIF formatted log file. Try to put as many grids in there as possible.

You can likely see the notebook in the viewer using:

Note: The figures are large here because I've edited my local ipython notebook configuration to set a 12x8 figure size. This is explained in part here:

Getting Started

You need a working matplotlib and basemap installation.

In my new virtualenv, install matplotlib with :

pip install matplotlib

Then install basemap from:

pip install git+

Then install mlocs; the package that provides Maidenhead to lat/lon conversion routines:

pip install mlocs

At this point your list of installed packages in the virtualenv should be very similar to:

basemap >=1.0.8
matplotlib >=1.4.2
mlocs >=1.0.5
mock >=1.0.1
nose >=1.3.4
numpy >=1.9.1
pyparsing >=2.0.3
python-dateutil >=2.2
pytz >=2014.9
six >=1.8.0
wsgiref >=0.1.2

Slides can be made with:

ipython nbconvert AzimuthMapExperiment.ipynb --reveal-prefix=../js --to slides --template output_toggle.tpl

Assumption is that when hosted, the reveal.js folder is in ../js.