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K2 Data Science - Foundations Program


The Foundations program is a curated list of free tutorials with assignments and projects. This program is designed to ensure you are ready to succeed in our data science bootcamp. Depending on your background, the program can take anywhere from 30-100+ hours to complete.

Submitting Work

Once you have completed all the content in Step 1, you should understand how to use Git/GitHub. These are the steps you should follow to submit work:

  1. Create a local Git repository called "foundations"
  2. Complete assignments and projects
  3. Commit changes to the local repository and push them to a remote GitHub repository
  4. Feel free to check out the recorded Office Hours and Solutions
  5. Send us your GitHub repository URL so we can check it prior to starting the program.


If anything is unclear or you get stuck, please reach out immediately. The program was created by data scientists and machine learning engineers. We have a biased view of which concepts should be learned in which order. We have tried to put ourselves in your shoes, but there is always room for improvement!

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