Vichrome Home

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Vichrome Home

Vichrome is Google Chrome Extension that enables you to use vi like user interface.

Vichrome offers you many features:

Vichrome's default key bindings are:

  • j : scroll down
  • k : scroll up
  • h : scroll left
  • l : scroll right
  • t : open new tab
  • x : close tab
  • X : close tab and focus previous tab
  • r : reload tab
  • / : enter search mode
  • ? : enter backward search mode
  • a : enter link text search mode
  • n : next search result
  • N : previous search result
  • gg : go to top of the page
  • G : go to bottom of the page
  • gt : move to left tab
  • gT : move to right tab
  • <C-h> : move to left tab
  • <C-l> : move to right tab
  • H : back history
  • L : forward history
  • u : restore last closed tab
  • f : enter f Mode (like HIT-A-HINT)
  • F : enter f Mode (open links in new tab)
  • i : focus on first input area
  • gp : pop out current tab to new window
  • gs : view source
  • o : Open new page with awesome completion
  • O : Open new page in new tab with awesome completion
  • s : Google Search
  • S : Google Search in new tab
  • b : Open bookmark
  • B : Open bookmark in new tab
  • yy : copy URL based on the current tab
  • p : Open a URL based on the current clipboard contents in the current tab
  • P : Open a URL based on the current clipboard contents in a new tab
  • <C-f> : page down
  • <C-b> : page up
  • <C-d> : page half down
  • <C-u> : page half up
  • : : enter Command Mode
  • '' : back to last auto page mark
  • <ESC> : cancel all input/command and blur focused element
  • <C-ESC> : enter Emergency Mode

Advanced tips

Some fantastic tips:

Key mapping for Page-Open shortcuts

nmap <Space>tw :OpenNewTab
nmap <Space>gr :OpenNewTab
nmap <Space>m :OpenNewTab

This example is a part of my own settings.I'm using <SPACE> key for launcher prefix key. this offers you very quick access to your favorite web sites.

Continuous f-Mode

nmap F :GoFMode --newtab --continuous

By default, F is assigned to :GoFMode --newtab. When you intend to use f-Mode with --newtab , you may want to open 2 or more links with new tabs continuously.This example offers you surprisingly efficient way for that. Continuous f-Mode will not exit by hitting a hint so you can continuously open many links.


alias ext OpenNewTab chrome://extensions/
alias option OpenNewTab chrome://settings/browser

If your key setting is filled up with your customization so you can't add new key setting, alias is very useful.In this example you can open chrome's extension page by executing a command :ext and open chrome's setting page with :option

Need more information about Vichrome ?

for more, see:

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