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History (changelog)

See also older History before 2018

backlog/some future version ? (not implemented yet)

(42) work in progress

  • #108 Zip-file export/backup (selected) photos to Zip-file
    • concept

      • where zip (folder + file)
      • which lastModifiedSince + filter
      • what xmp/jpg + .apm + csv
    • ".apmZipConfig" file containing similar to ".apm" file

      • lastModifiedSince [startdate for backup]
      • lastStartDate [previous execution date will become new lastModifiedSince]
      • current album filter filter
      • zip output dir
      • zip file name from rule with datePattern+text+numberPattern
      • files relative to directory
      • zip-options: jpg/jpg+xmp/xmp-only/changelog-only/...?...
    • Zip-Export

      • chooser with names of *.apmZipConfig files of one dir
        • new/edit/delete
      • full/incremental (based on previous lastStartDate = new last-modified-since) (41)

  • #133: Additional filtercriteria date-last-modified from ... to
  • #132 Long press on Exif-Picker butten in Autoprocessing-Editor: get lat/lon/description/tags from selected photos
  • #135: added support for mapsforge offline maps "v5 format"
  • #21: Translation updates ja, nl, ru, pt-br, uk
  • Bugfix infer DateTimeTaken from exif-TAG_DATETIME if not available in exif-TAG_DATETIME_ORIGINAL
  • Bugfix: A Photo Manger is now listed as provider for "getContent" for photos
  • #139: Bugfix crash after screenrotation in rename (40)

  • #129: some images where shown with wrong orientation

  • Fixed: Could not start media scanner from gallery menu

  • #128: Folderpicker: animated pathbar makes it discoverable. stop animation once the pathbar is touched

  • updated russian translations. (39) (38)

  • Subproject Maintenance
    • #117 New Logo/Icons for APhotoManager by Md Nazmul Hasan.
    • #115
    • Geographic-Map
      • added optional path/date/tag-filter (phone: menu; tablet: toolbar)
      • Fixed bug: (introduced in version 0.6.4:) Zoombar and Zoom-to-fit now works with zoomfactor > 19.
      • Fixed bug: now correctly zooms to initial position: when used as show-in-map or gpx-file-viewer or as external geo- or area-picker.
    • Gallery-View
      • #113 Added search bar to fast find photos by text contained in tag, title, description, path.
      • In Gallery-View: Added gobal menu "Filter by Date".
    • Filter-View
      • #113 In field "Find" allow to search for subexpressions seperated by " "
        • Example if you enter Find="crete friday" you may find a photo that has tag="crete" and description="We arrived friday evening" (which contains "friday). "crete" and "friday" are sub-expressions seperated by " ".
    • date picker:
      • optional additional hirarchy level "decade" (10 years).
        • Example "2000*" means between 2000..2009, "2010*" means between 2010..2019, ....
    • #118 Fix: Open image via filemanager with app specific content urls (i.e. OI File Manager)
    • #21 Translation Updates: ar,de,en,es,fr,it,ja,ru,tr,zh-CN. (7 = 100%, 5 > 90%, 5 < 65%) (37) More Autoprocessing, Folder Remame, Lib Update, Hotfix for v0.6.4.180314 (36)

  • Subproject Maintenance
    • #116 Hotfix repairing crash in v0.6.4.180314
    • #112 Bugfix AutoProcessingMode Filenamepattern now uses "DatePhotoTaken" instead of "LastModifiedFileDate"
    • #111 AutoProcessingMode Filenamepattern: Popupmenu with foldername based predifined rules
      • Example: When editing .../holidays/2016Teneriffe/Hotel/.apm you can select from popupmenu
        • "2016Teneriffe-Hotel001" and
        • "2016Hotel001"
      • The Date- and Number-rules are those that where used in last ".apm"-edit.
      • The Name-part are based on current folder/parent-folder without the numbers.
    • #110 AutoProcessingMode Filenamepattern: Copy&Past support
      • Enhancement to #93: After "copy" (to clipboard) in folderpicker or AutoProcessingMode-Editor you can "paste" ".apm-Rule-files" in AutoprocessingEditor.
      • If copy-source directory contains a ".apm-Rule-file" the content of AutoProcessingMode-Editor will be replaced by the content of clipboard-.apm file.
      • Intelligent Filenamepattern update: The "name-part" of the Filenamepattern will be updated automatically if it contains foldernames:
      • Example: When copying from .../holidays/2016Teneriffe/Hotel/.apm to ../holidays/2018Crete/Camping/.apm the Filenamepattern "{yyyy}Teneriffe-Hotel{001}" will become "{yyyy}Crete-Camping{001}"
    • #99 add contextmenu "open in filemanager" in dir-picker and imagedetailview:
      • only available if at least one filemanager is installed that supports ACTION_VIEW with mime either "resource/folder" or "".
      • (i.e. Simple filemanager)
    • #114 Rename Folder (in Dir-Picker) sql update file set path = newBegin + substing(path, begin+len) where path like newBegin+'%' public static final String SQL_EXPR_FOLDER = "substr(" + SQL_COL_PATH + ",1,length(" + SQL_COL_PATH + ") - length(" + MediaStore.Images.Media.DISPLAY_NAME + "))";
    • Updated libraries for OsmDroid and Mapsforge

v0.6.4.180314 (36) Do not use. Use (37) instead (35) Extended Applocking; Autoprocessingmode for copy/move; Private images

  • Subproject Metadata
    • new #105 New mode App protected/pinned(Extended App Pinning) (aka "Kiosk Mode", "LockTask")
      • Allow to savley hand over your phone to someone else and allow him/her to view only those images that you have chosen before.
      • Appplication pinning is part of the Android operating system to lock the current app so that exiting the app or starting an other app is not permitted while pinning is active. Here is an android-5 tutorial.
      • Advanced pinning means that dangerous app-commands like edit/copy/delete/share/settings and changing the basefilter are disabled while the app is pinned.
      • usecase: Filter which photos your customer is allowed to see , enable "appplication pinning(Kiosk Mode)" and hande the android device over to the customer.
    • new #93 Folder based autoprocessing for copy/move photo(s)
      • Example: If you move IMG_20170921_085715.jpg to folder .../holiday/2017Crete/Hotel/ it will be automatically renamed to 201709krete022.jpg and gets tags holiday, greece, krete, hotel if you define a rule for that folder.
      • if a folder name in the folderpicker starts with a leading § then there is a ".apm" rulefile
      • the command "Edit Photo Autoprocessing" in the folder-long-press-contextmenu in the folderpicker allows you to edit a ".apm" rulefile
      • example:
        • the folder /sdcard/DCIM/photos/holiday/2017Crete/Hotel has a ".apm" rulefile with these rules
        • filename: [yyyymm]CreteHotel[001]
        • tags: holiday, hotel, greece
        • geo lat/lon: 35.5/23.9
        • title: holyday crete 2017 hotel
      • if you copy/move images to folder /sdcard/DCIM/photos/holiday/2017Crete/Hotel
        • the oldest images (taken in september 2007) will be renamed to 200709CreteHotel001.jpg, the next 200709CreteHotel002.jpg, ...
          • filenames that already follow the naming-rule are not renamed.
        • non empty meta data (tags,geo, description, title, rating, date taken) from ".apm" rulefile will be applied to the images.
          • geo is only applied if the photo does not have geo yet
          • date/time values are relative so you can fix the photo date if you forgot to set camera date
          • title/description starting with "+" will be appended to existing title/description
    • new#100 Mark images as "PRIVATE" and allow filtering include/exclude "PRIVATE". Private Images are hidden from other Gallery-Apps and image pickers by changing media_type to 1001 and fileextension to ".jpg-p".
    • Fix update tags/geo also update lastModified in mediadb (always in format secs since 1970). Else "sort by last modified" does not work.
    • Gallery view: Added sort by (image-)width, (file-)size
  • Translations and Translationupdates:
    • Chinese Simplified (100%) and Chinese Traditional by Liu Feng (pitumaomao)
    • French (100%) by Poussinou and Tuuux
    • Hindi by jznsamuel (jasonsamuel88)
    • Indonesian by riesky and isaideureka
    • Japanese (100%) by naofum
    • Spanish (100%) by Dani Certad (daniconejito)
    • German (100%) and English (100%)

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