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Android lossles jpg cropping app without reencoding quality-losses
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llCrop allows you to either remove unwanted outer areas from a jpg-photo or to create zoom-ins.

Just load a jpeg photo, select a rectangle and save the rectangle as a new photo-file.

While there are many apps that can crop images (and may have many more features) these apps cause quality-losses caused by jpg-re-encoding.

llCrop ("ll" stands for loss-less) can do cropping without quality-losses because it crops in the raw jpg-photo-data without the need for jpg-image-re-encoding. It also preserves embedded meta data (Exif/Iptc and xmp)

Supported Workflows:

  • #1 From Android App-Launcher:
    • Pick an image and crop it to a new public file
  • #1 From any File-Manager or Gallery-app that supports intent-action-EDIT for mime image/jpeg:
    • Crop current selected image to a new public file
  • #2: From any app that supports intent-action-SEND or intent-action-SEND-TO for mime image/jpeg
    • Send/SendTo/Share a cropped version of the current selected image
  • #3/#8: From any app that supports intent-action-GET-CONTENT or intent-action-PICK for mime image/jpeg
    • Open/Pick the cropping of an uncropped image

available on F-Droid app store

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