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ToGoZip history.

Next release 2.0.18 (not published yet)

  • New: Settings-Menu send/view/edit/delete zip
  • New Option to have logfile in zip;
  • New Option for automatic zip-subfolder-path creation
  • bugfix if duplicate file in zip-subfolder new translation ru ar updates bn ja

  • Translation New: ar, ru.
  • Translation Update: bn, ja translation updates id, vi, pl, ja, fr

  • Translation New/Update (100%): Vietnamese by allen44, Japanese by naofum, Polish by sebastianoconnell1, French by Poussinou
  • Translation Update (>= 95%): Indonesian by Ryal (ryal) Made app compatible with Android-6, -7, -8 + lots of translations

  • #8 Fix:
    • Reimplemented Zip-Engine through Storage-Access-Framework
    • zipping now works with android-7
    • Added two different zipfolder picker:
      • one file-folder based for android-2.1-4.4
      • and on SAF-Tree based for android-5 and newer
  • Translation: Indonesian (by isaideureka)
  • Translation: Chinese Traditional (by incrediblesnow)
  • Translation: Nederlands (Dutch) by Omer Surer (omersurer)
  • Translation: Português (Portuguese) by Miguel Dos Reis (siersod)
  • Translation: Magyar (Hungarian) by csongorhunt
  • Translation: Norsk (Norwegian) by hjalmarcoin
  • Translation: Polish by mejser
  • Translation update: Chinese Simplified (by daijia)
  • Translation update: Turkish by vitruvianman
  • Translation all: fixe technical problems with encodig, newline, html escaping




  • maintenanace release
  • linked against more up to date libs
  • build-fixes


  • feature complete
  • #2 Added support for non file content: text, internet-urls, Clipboard: Short texts will be collected in one file; long texts get one file per long text.
  • Added german translations


  • released on fdroid
  • Added Settings Activity to define zip-file.
  • Added Settings Debug Mode: Debug Messages copied to clipboard and added to LogCat.
  • Added this About-Box in Settings.

v0.1.1.20141109 - first version

  • gui disabled because not implemented yet
  • share menue "add2zip" for file(s) and/or folder without additional gui
  • use hardcoded filename .../copy/
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