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PHP Memoize

Userland implementation written in PHP 5.4, but easily downgraded to 5.3 (by removing both callable type hints).

Wikipedia: Memoization

function memoize ( callable $fnOrig, callable $fnHash )


The first argument is your function to optimize.


The second argument is your hashing function, which will receive a single argument: an array representing 
the parameters. Your hash function should return a value that can safely be used an array key.

* Note: both arguments will be invoked as the first argument to call_user_func().

Return Values

The return value is an anonymous function that you can substitute in place of your original function call.


We will use this simple factorial function to demonstrate the reduction in required invocations:

function factorial($n) {
    if ($n == 0) return 1;
    return factorial($n - 1);

First, the long way

$i = pow(10, 4);
while (--$i) {

This requires 109989 invocations of factorial().

Now, memoized

$fact = memoize('factorial', function($args) {
    return $args[0];
$i = pow(10, 4);
while (--$i) {

Here, 11 invocations of factorial().


This function is extremely flexible:

$fact = memoize('factorial', 'your_hasher');
$fact = memoize('math::factorial', 'lib::hash');
$apiGetUserData = memoize(
    [new Api, 'getUserData'],
    [new Hasher, 'hashUserData']
$Logger = new Logger;
$toJson = memoize(function ($user, $action) use ($Logger) {
    $Logger->warn('cache miss');
    return json_encode(['user' => $user, 'action' => $action]);
}, function ($args) use ($Logger) {
    $Logger->info('cache lookup');
    return vsprintf("%d:%s", $args);