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320 Feature: Command Mode

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Command Mode

To enter command mode, press button 0, the command button and you will hear a “boop beep”. After the beep you can enter various commands by sending character using the paddle. (Note: if you’re in bug or straight key mode, you will temporarily be switched to iambic in command mode.)

If you enter a bogus command or the keyer didn’t recognize the character you sent, it will send a question mark, upon which you can retry your command.

To exit command mode, send X in CW using the paddles or just press the command button again upon which you will hear “beep boop” and you’ll be back in regular sending mode.

Available Commands

Command Mode (press button0 to enter command mode and press again to exit)

  • A Switch to Iambic A mode
  • B Switch to Iambic B mode
  • C Switch to Single Paddle Mode
  • D Switch to Ultimatic mode
  • E Announce speed
  • F Adjust sidetone frequency
  • G Switch to bug mode
  • H Set weighting and dah to dit ratio to defaults
  • I TX enable / disable
  • J Dah to dit ratio adjust
  • K Toggle Dit and Dah Buffers on and off (Ultimatic Mode)
  • L Adjust weighting
  • M Change command mode speed
  • N Toggle paddle reverse
  • O Toggle sidetone on / off
  • P#(#) Program a memory
  • R#### Set serial number to ####
  • S Alphabet code practice (FEATURE_ALPHABET_SEND_PRACTICE)
  • T Tune mode
  • U Receive / Send Echo Practice
  • V Toggle potentiometer active / inactive
  • W Change speed
  • X Exit command mode (you can also press the command button (button0) to exit)
  • Y#### Change memory repeat delay to #### mS
  • Z Autospace On/Off
  • '#' Play a memory without transmitting
  • ? Status
    1. Speed in WPM
    1. Keyer Mode (A = Iambic A, B = Iambic B, G = Bug, S = Single Paddle, U = Ultimatic)
    1. Weighting
    1. Dah to Dit Ratio

Options for P Command

The behaviour of the P command (program memory) can be changed with the following compile time options. None of these settings will affect memory programming when using the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Remove all the trailing spaces from memories programmed in command mode with this option:


Limit the number of consecutive wordspaces that will be written to a memory with this option:

#define program_memory_limit_consec_spaces 1
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