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380 Feature: Keypad

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A 3x4 or 4x4 membrane keypad can be substituted for the pushbutton memory switches, but the MEMORY buttons can be retained and used with no effects on the COMMAND/MEMORY functions.

By removing the MEMORY switches, the pushbuttons and 1k resistors can be eliminated. The 10k resistor to +5 vdc is still used and the COMMAND pushbutton (button 0) switch is retained.

To use a 3x4 or 4x4 keypad: In “features and options.h”, uncomment the proper keypad and comment out the unused one.

Only the 1 through 0 buttons are used, (0 is for memory 10). If using a 4x4 keypad, the “A, B, C, D #, *” keys could be used for any number of functions. Likewise on the 3x4 keypad, the “#, *” buttons can be programmed for memories 11 and 12 memories or they could be programmed to invoke another function. Just follow the SWITCH/CASE statements in the KeyPad_use() subroutine. I programmed the “C” key to put the keyer into COMMAND MODE. To exit that mode, push the COMMAND button or send an “X” on the key. The COMMAND_MODE() subroutine does not look at the keypad, so pushbutton 0 or keyed “X” must be used. All 12 memories can be used with the keypad and all memories appear to respond to MEMORY MACROS.

In the CASE statements, unused keys are programmed to “beep-boop” to indicate this is an unused key or unused keys can be commented out.

The code shows the proper OUTPUT pins on the Arduino Mega 2560 to use with either keypad and the ROW/COLUMN pins on the keypads.

Code and wiki text contributed by W0XR

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