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392 Feature: QRSS (Slow Speed CW) and HSCW (High Speed CW)

Anthony Good edited this page Jun 28, 2017 · 1 revision

QRSS (Slow Speed CW)

QRSS mode can be activated using the command line \q command or in memory macros using the \q macro. Both take the dit length in seconds (double digit number) as an argument. For example: \q09 would put the keyer in QRSS mode with nine second long dits (and 27 second long dahs).

The \r command will switch back to regular CW speed mode in both the command line and in memories.

HSCW (High Speed CW)

High speed CW can be accomplished by using the \w command line interface command or in memories as a macro. Whereas the command mode speed adjustment and the speed potentiometer allow the speed to go up to a maximum of 60 WPM, the \w command will let you take it up to 255 WPM.

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