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395 Feature: Hellschreiber

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The keyer will send Hellschreiber characters by placing it in Hellscreiber mode using the \h command in the serial command line interface or memory macros. In the command line interface \c will return the keyer to CW mode and the \l (as in lima) memory macro will change back to CW. While in Hellschreiber mode, the paddle will still send CW. The Hellschreiber mode is intended mainly for beacons but works just fine for direct keyboard sending and is enabled with FEATURE_HELL in keyer_features_and_options.h.

Hellschreiber copied from the keyer speaker into a laptop

Hellschreiber Copied From the Keyer Speaker into a Laptop

Know of any commercial keyers that send Hellschreiber? :-) Keep reading. There’s more.

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