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110 Features

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  • Azimuth only and azimuth / elevation rotator support

  • Serial interface using the standard Arduino USB port

  • Control Port Protocol Support:

    • Yaesu GS-232A

    • Yaesu GS-232B

    • Easycom

  • Support for position sensors:

    • Potentiometers / Analog Voltage

    • Rotary Encoders

    • Pulse Ouput

    • HMC5883L digital compass

    • ADXL345 accelerometer

    • LSM303 digital compass and accelerometer support under development

  • LCD display (2 x 20 preferred, but any LCD over 15 columns supported)

  • Can be interfaced with non-Yaesu rotators, including homebrew systems

  • Directional indication on LCD display (North, South, North Northwest, etc.) along with degrees

  • Intelligent automatic rotation (utilizes overlap on 450 degree rotators)

  • Support for both 360 degree and 450 degree azimuth rotators or any rotation capability up to 719 degrees

  • North Center and South Center support

  • Support for any starting point (fully clockwise)

  • Optional automatic azimuthal rotation slowdown feature when reaching target azimuth

  • Optional rotation slow start (now with smooth ramp up)

  • Optional brake engage/disengage lines for azimuth and elevation

  • Buttons for manual rotation

  • Command timeout

  • Timed interval rotation

  • Overlap LED Indicator

  • Help screen

  • Speed Control, both single PWM output (compatible with Yaesu controllers) and dual PWM rotate CW and rotate CCW outputs and dual elevate up and elevate down outputs

  • Variable frequency outputs

  • Preset Control using either potentiometers or rotary encoders with optional preset start button

  • Speed Potentiometer

  • Manual Rotation Limits

  • Classic 4 bit, Adafruit I2C LCD, and Display Support

  • Optional tenth of a degree support with Easycom protocol (i.e. 123.4 degrees)

  • Park button

  • Azimuth and elevation calibration tables

  • Host unit and Remote unit operation for remotely located sensors using two Arduinos or ATMega chips

  • Works with hamlib rotctl/rotcltd

  • Moon and sun tracking

  • GPS Synchronization

  • Realtime Clock Module Support

  • Ethernet Shield Support

This unit can be interfaced with Yaesu rotator controller using the standard 6 pin DIN port on the back. Older controllers may not have the DIN interface and will require opening and soldered connections. This unit does not disable the rotator controller and all controls on it can continue to be used (although it is advisable not to attempt to control the rotator with manual controls and with the interface simultaneously.) Other rotator controllers can be interfaced as well with a little research and design.

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