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Welcome to the pyDash wiki!

pyDash is a small web monitoring dashboard for your linux pc/server writen in Python and Django + Chart.js.

The dashboard is built using only Python libraries available in the main Python distribution, trying to create a small list of dependecies without the need of installing many packages or libraries.

Current dependencies:

>= Django 1.5
>= Python 2.x
>= Python 3.x

Decide what webserver you want to use on your server. You can use any webserver that can serve python(wsgi) files. For this how to i will be going over the following webservers: Apache, Nginx and Django internal dev server.

If you are using Python 3.x you can edit the requirements.txt file and set the django version to the latest(currently 1.7.1).

Installing pyDash with Apache

Installing pyDash with Django's dev server

Installing pyDash with Nginx and Gunicorn

pyDash settings

pyDash remote data retrieval

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