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@galal-hussein galal-hussein released this 18 Nov 17:50
· 18 commits to master since this release

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.25.4, and fixes a number of issues.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.25.3+k3s1:

  • Add the gateway parameter in netplan (#6292)
  • Bumped dynamiclistener library to v0.3.5 (#6300)
  • Update kube-router to v1.5.1 with extra logging (#6345)
  • Update maintainers (#6298)
  • Bump testing to opensuse Leap 15.4 (#6337)
  • Update E2E docs with more info on ubuntu 22.04 (#6316)
  • Netpol test for podSelector & ingress (#6247)
  • Bump all alpine images to 3.16 (#6334)
  • Bump kine to v0.9.6 / sqlite3 v3.39.2 (CVE-2022-35737) (#6317)
  • Add hardened cluster and upgrade tests (#6320)
  • The bundled Traefik helm chart has been updated to v18.0.0 (#6353)
  • Mark v1.25.3+k3s1 as stable (#6338)
  • The embedded helm controller has been bumped to v0.13.0 (#6294)
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the deploy controller from handling manifests that include resource types that are no longer supported by the apiserver. (#6295)
  • Replace fedora-coreos with fedora 36 for install tests (#6315)
  • Convert containerd config.toml.tmpl Linux template to v2 syntax (#6267)
  • Add test for node-external-ip config parameter (#6359)
  • Use debugger-friendly compile settings if DEBUG is set (#6147)
  • update e2e tests (#6354)
  • Remove unused vagrant development scripts (#6395)
  • The bundled Traefik has been updated to v2.9.4 / helm chart v18.3.0 (#6397)
  • None (#6371)
  • Fix incorrect defer usage (#6296)
  • Add snapshot restore e2e test (#6396)
  • Fix sonobouy tests on v1.25 (#6399)
  • Bump packaged component versions
  • The packaged traefik helm chart has been bumped to v19.0.0, enabling ingressClass support by default.
  • The packaged local-path-provisioner has been bumped to v0.0.23
  • The packaged coredns has been bumped to v1.9.4 (#6408)
  • log kube-router version when starting netpol controller (#6405)
  • Add Kairos to ADOPTERS (#6417)
  • Update Flannel to 0.20.1 (#6388)
  • Avoid wrong config for flannel-external-ip and add warning if unencrypted backend (#6403)
  • Fix test-mods to allow for pinning version from (#6413)
  • Fix for metrics-server in the multi-cloud cluster env (#6386)
  • K3s now indicates specifically which cluster-level configuration flags are out of sync when critical configuration differs between server nodes. (#6409)
  • Convert test output to JSON format (#6410)
  • Pull traefik helm chart directly from GH (#6468)
  • Nightly test fix (#6475)
  • Update to v1.25.4 (#6477)
  • Remove stuff which belongs in the windows executor implementation (#6492)
  • The packaged traefik helm chart has been bumped to 19.0.4 (#6494)
  • Move traefik chart repo again (#6508)

Embedded Component Versions

Component Version
Kubernetes v1.25.4
Kine v0.9.6
SQLite 3.39.2
Etcd v3.5.3-k3s1
Containerd v1.5.13-k3s2
Runc v1.1.4
Flannel v0.20.1
Metrics-server v0.6.1
Traefik v2.9.4
CoreDNS v1.9.4
Helm-controller v0.13.0
Local-path-provisioner v0.0.23

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