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K4CG door-status

This program submits the k4cg space door status to "heimat". It is intended to run on an ESP8266 controller with micropython firmware. In the "hardware" directory, you can find a case design for OpenSCAD, which is suitable for 3D-printing.

Link: Miropython ESP8266 Docs

Status Transmission

The data transfer is periodically performed by the ESP (~ 5 minute intervals) to http://heimat:8000 via PUT request.

It contains a JSON formatted structure like:

{"humidity": 35, "door": "open", "date": "2017-08-21 19:11:50", "tempDoor": 27}

Code Upload

First time upload: Connect via serial port with mpfshell:

# mpfshell -c "open ttyUSB0"
mpfs [/]> put
mpfs [/]> put

Update code:

# mpfshell -c "open ws:,PASSWORD"
mpfs [/]> put
mpfs [/]> put
mpfs [/]> repl
>>> reboot()
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