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kotaro.t@k4h4shi's configuration for vim, zsh, tmux and more.


Git clone

You should first clone the repo and move into the derectroy.

git clone https://github.com/k4h4shi/dotfiles.git
cd dotfiles


You can deploy, install, clean, or destroy with make commands.

You can use make help to show the help same as down below.

init    => Initialize enviroment settings.
deploy  => Create symlinks to home directory.
update  => Fetch all changes from remote repo.
install => Run update, deploy, init.
clean   => remove the dotfiles.
destroy => remove the dotfiles and this repo.


# commands
. : cd dotfiles
.. : cd ../../
... : cd ../../../

c: clear
ggl: googler

Move Around Tmux Pane and Vim Window

You can move around pane and window.

C-h select left pane 
C-j select down pane
C-k select up pane
C-l select right pane


  • change prefix to C-Space
  • set default-shell as zsh
  • set vim like key-bind
  • set escape-time to 1
  • set [base|pane-base] index to 1
  • status bar

Tmux key bindings:

| vertical split
- horizontal split

H resize pane plus 5 to left
J resize pane plus 5 to down
K resize pane plus 5 to up
L resize pane plus 5 to right

c create window
x close current window

C-h select previous window
C-l select next window

r reload .tmux.conf

Installed Plugins:

  • tpm
  • tmux-yank
  • tmux-open
  • tmux-battery
  • tmux-sensible
  • tmux-colors-solarized


Vim key bindings

Normal mode:

# Save and Quit
\w: write
\q: quit
\wq: write and quit
\z: write and quit all
\e: edit
\h: help

# Tab and Files
C-n: next tab
C-p: prevoius tab 
gf: open a file under the cursor

# Plugin
\r: QuickRun
\n: NERDTree
\nf: NERDTreeFind
\t: TagBar
\y: emmet-vim
\p: Previm open
\f: CtrlP

\pi: PlugInstall
\pu: PlugUpdate
\pc: PlugClean
\pg: PlugUpgrade

# Dotfiles
\.: open dotfiles with NERDTree
\ev: edit .vimrc
\et: edit .tmux.conf
\ez: edit .zshrc
\er: edit README.md

Insert mode:

C-[ : escape
Enter(after search): remove highlight

C-n: next suggest
C-p: previosu suggest
C-k: apply snipet

Command mode:

:QuickRun => quick run
:PrevimOpen => Previm open


Plugin Manager:

Extensional Pane:

Code Runner & Previewer

Auto completion:

Syntax checker & highlighter: