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PHP Knights Movie Application

Adam Galek

User Created Movie Lists:

Basic Crud

  • Users can create a new list
  • Users can read a list of lists
  • Users can update a list
  • Users can delete a list
  • Users can see details about a list (information retrieved from movies table & listsxmovies bridging table)
  • Add movies to a list
  • Delete Movies on a custom list


  • Pages are styled and responsive
  • Code is commented


  • Users are able to see all Custom Lists and Details about those lists
  • Users can only edit Custom Lists they've created
  • Users can only delete Custom Lists they've created
  • Admins can edit and delete any custom list

To Add

In-Progress Status:

  • User can see the progress of movies
  • Users can add progress on a movie
  • Users can edit progress on a movie
  • Pages are styled and responsive

Payment System:

  • Users can pay through the Paypal API
  • Users are given different website priviledges upon payment

Muhammad Danyal Effendi

Poll Feature:

Only Registered and logged in Users can access Poll.

Admin Functionality

  • Admins can create a new poll
  • Admins can read a list of polls
  • Admins can delete a poll
  • Admins can vote in a poll
  • Admins can see results of voting
  • Admins can update poll

User Functionality

  • Users can read a list of polls
  • Users can vote in a poll
  • Users can see results of voting


  • Pages are styled and responsive
  • Code is formatted & commented

Addional Features for Future

  • Allow users to create poll and update/delete their own created polls
  • Add a deadline for the duration of Poll
  • Add option to close or pause any poll by Admin

Kyle Cheung


  • Users can create a new user
  • Users can log in as a user
  • Passwords are hashed
  • Sessions used to authenticate user

Discussion Board:

  • Users can browse discussion boards
  • Logged in users can create a new discussion
  • Discussions are listed by last reply
  • Discussion list creation date


  • Logged in users can post replies in discussion threads
  • On submission page is refreshed and updated
  • User post count is updated

Bryan Hughes

Database Creation

  • Created a database on a remote server
  • Created user accounts for myself and the team
  • Stored and shared the credentials to the team
  • Faciliated users connecting to the database remotely


  • User can search a number between 1 and 250
  • The data is validated a Database connection is established
  • A query is sent to list the top 250 movies
  • If the number inputted by the user matches a rank in the database, show the corresponding trailer
  • Display the movie information retreived from the database on the HTML page


  • User can search the title of a movie
  • A database connection is established
  • A query is sent to the database to select all movies LIKE '%user input%'
  • Loop through the movie object to display it's poster and information


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