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Source files for

These are the source files for the website

The directory is roughly organized into three sections. The scripts directory contains scripts used for building, deploying and developing the site. The site-files directory contains the Hugo source files. Finally the terraform-files directory contains the terraform configuration files used for deploying the site.

To get started, run script/bootstrap to install hugo, install terraform, and configure the necessary environment variables (used for terraform). Once your environment is ready to go, you can use script/build to build the site in site-files/public. Test the site locally with script/run. Finally you can deploy the site using script/deploy and you can destroy the site using script/destroy.

Initialize Terraform

You need to run terraform init from ./terraform-files before you can deploy. The init command needs some args. Run it like this if you have your spaces keys saved in your environment.

terraform init -backend-config "access_key=$TF_VAR_spaces_key" -backend-config "secret_key=$TF_VAR_spaces_pvt_key"
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