Script to convert Openstreetmap (OSM) data to a routeable graph including public transportation
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OSM to Graph

This Program provides a routeable graph generated out of OpenstreetMap-data. Therefore are highways as well as public transportation lines taken into account.

parsed tagging


  • Till now there is no edge to continue routing from a tram platform
  • not now possible to switch between platforms of the same station

Future Work

  • implement as well the Weighted Indoor Routing Graph (WIRG) according to: Goetz, M.; Zipf, A. Formal definition of a user-adaptive and length-optimal routing graph for complex indoor environments. Geo-Spat. Inf. Sci. 2011, 14, 119-128.
  • provide a export function to a neo4j database

Thanks to


OpenstreetMap Wiki Page (in German)