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GUIDO Engine musical score renderer layer for OpenFrameworks

ofxGuido is a simple super-class for drawing scores rendered by the GUIDO Engine library:

ofxGuido was made in February 2014 by Thomas Coffy as a part of Ascograph, the graphical score editor for Antescofo:

Originally cloned from

Updated in 2019 by Dan Wilcox for tests at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab


  • libSGUIDOEngine
  • gudio2.tff installed on the system


The GUIDO Engine header files and static library are required to build ofxGuido. These are currently included for macOS but the static lib will need to be built for other platforms.

Building GUIDO Engine

For macOS or Linux, you can use the included shell script to automate the process:


To do this manually, clone the source files and build for your platform:

git clone
cd guidolib
mkdir -p build/platform
cd build/platform
cmake ../cmake -DSTATICLIB=yes

For Windows, the GUIDOEngine docs recommend building with Visual Studio, so the Visual Studio project files will need to be generated by CMake instead of using Unix Makefiles.

This will result in a libSGUDIOEngine static library in the build/lib directory which can be placed in the appropriate platform subdirectory within lib/guidolib/lib, ie. for 64-bit Linux64:

cd /path/to/cloned/guidolib
mkdir -p /path/to/openframeworks/addons/ofxGuido/lib/guidolib/lib/linux64
cp lib/libSGUIDOEngine.a /path/to/openframeworks/addons/ofxGuido/lib/guidolib/lib/linux64     

Note: For Windows, the static library will be named libSGUDIOEngine.lib and there may be an additional .dll which needs to be placed in your projects bin directory.

You should now be able to use the OF ProjectGenerator app to create an OF project using ofxGuido which will link the pre-build lib.

If the lib is not found by the linker, you may need to add an ADDON_LIBS line to your platform target in and re-run the ProjectGenerator.

Updating Headers

If the GUIDO Engine headers also need to be updated, copy them from the cloned guidolib directory to libs/guidolib/include:

cp ../../src/engine/include/* /path/to/openframeworks/addons/ofxGuido/lib/guidolib/include


GUDIO Engine requires two fonts:

  • Times New Roman: score text, should be included on the system
  • guido2.ttf: score notation, must be installed on the system

Make sure you install gudio2.ttf on your system, it can be found in:



GUIDO Engine Library musical score renderer layer for OpenFrameworks







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