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๐Ÿ’ฌ Telegram Discussion Group

Join our Telegram discussion group to ask any questions you have about Video2X, chat directly with the developers, or discuss about upscaling technologies and the future of Video2X in general.

๐ŸชŸ Download Windows Releases

The latest Windows update is built based on version 4.8.1. GUI is not available for 5.0.0 yet, but is already under development. Go to the GUI page to see the basic usages of the GUI. Try the mirror if you can't download releases directly from GitHub.

๐Ÿ“” Google Colab

You can use Video2X on Google Colab for free if you don't have a powerful GPU of your own. You can borrow a powerful GPU (Tesla K80, T4, P4, or P100) on Google's server for free for a maximum of 12 hours per session. Please use the free resource fairly and do not create sessions back-to-back and run upscaling 24/7. This might result in you getting banned. You can get Colab Pro/Pro+ if you'd like to use better GPUs and get longer runtimes. Usage instructions are embedded in the Colab Notebook.

๐ŸŒ™ Download Nightly Releases

Nightly releases are automatically created by the GitHub Actions CI/CD pipelines. They usually contain more experimental features and bug fixes. However, they are much less stable to the stable releases. You must log in to GitHub to download CI build artifacts.

๐Ÿ“ฆ Container Image

Video2X container images are available on the GitHub Container Registry for easy deployment on Linux and macOS. If you already have Docker/Podman installed, only one command is needed to start upscaling a video. For more information on how to use Video2X's Docker image, please refer to the documentations.

๐Ÿ“– Documentations

Video2X's documentations are hosted on this repository's Wiki page. It includes comprehensive explanations for how to use the GUI, the CLI, the container image, the library, and more. The Wiki is open to edits by the community, so you, yes you, can also correct errors or add new contents to the documentations.


Video2X is a video/GIF/image upscaling and frame interpolation software written in Python. It can use these following state-of-the-art algorithms to increase the resolution and frame rate of your video/GIF/image. More information about the algorithms that it supports can be found in the documentations.

Video Upscaling

Spirited Away Demo
Upscale demo: Spirited Away's movie trailer

  • Spirited Away: YouTube | Bilibili
    • 360P to 4K
    • The original video's copyright belongs to ๆ ชๅผไผš็คพใ‚นใ‚ฟใ‚ธใ‚ชใ‚ธใƒ–ใƒช
  • Bad Apple!!: YouTube | Bilibili
    • 384P to 4K 120FPS
    • The original video's copyright belongs to ใ‚ใซใ‚‰
  • The Pet Girl of Sakurasou: YouTube | Bilibili
    • 240P to 1080P 60FPS
    • The original video's copyright belongs to ASCII Media Works

GIF Upscaling

catfru catfru4x
Catfru scaled up to 4x its original size using waifu2x (original image)

Image Upscaling

Jill Comparison
Image 8x upscaling demo (original image by nananicu)

Standard Test Clip

The following clip can be used to test if your setup works properly. This is also the standard clip used for running performance benchmarks.

The original clip came from the anime "ใ•ใใ‚‰่˜ใฎใƒšใƒƒใƒˆใชๅฝผๅฅณ."
Copyright of this clip belongs to ๆ ชๅผไผš็คพใ‚ขใƒ‹ใƒ—ใƒฌใƒƒใ‚ฏใ‚น.


This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (GNU AGPL v3)
Copyright (c) 2018-2023 K4YT3X and contributors.


This project includes or depends on these following projects:

Project License
FFmpeg LGPLv2.1, GPLv2
waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan MIT License
srmd-ncnn-vulkan MIT License
realsr-ncnn-vulkan MIT License
rife-ncnn-vulkan MIT License
realcugan-ncnn-vulkan MIT License
Anime4K MIT License
ffmpeg-python Apache-2.0
Loguru MIT License
opencv-python MIT License
Pillow HPND License
Rich MIT License
pynput LGPLv3.0

Legacy versions of this project includes or depends on these following projects:

Project License
waifu2x-caffe MIT License
waifu2x-converter-cpp MIT License
Anime4KCPP MIT License
Gifski AGPLv3
tqdm MPLv2.0, MIT License

More licensing information can be found in the NOTICES file.

Special Thanks

Appreciations given to the following personnel who have contributed significantly to the project.

Similar Projects

  • Dandere2x: A lossy video upscaler also built around waifu2x, but with video compression techniques to shorten the time needed to process a video.
  • Waifu2x-Extension-GUI: A similar project that focuses more and only on building a better graphical user interface. It is built using C++ and Qt5, and currently only supports the Windows platform.