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Webmaker nav

This is a first iteration of the universal nav for Popcorn/Thimble. It includes a primary navigation and secondary navigation tabs, as well as a sample header.


You will need requirejs and jquery.

First, copy the webmaker-nav subdirectory of this repository into your project.

It is a CommonJS package, so you will need to add a packages directive to your require config that points at the subdirectory.

You'll also need to add a <link> tag that points to webmaker-nav/css/webmaker-nav.css.

Then, you should be able to use the module like this:

require(["webmaker-nav"], function(WebmakerNav) {
  var webmakerNav = new WebmakerNav({
    container: document.querySelector("#webmakerNavContainer"),
    loginBtnCallback: function myLoginFunction() { /* ... */ },
    logoutBtnCallbak: function myLogoutFunction() { /* ... */ },
    feedbackCallback: function myFeedbackFunction() { /* ... */ }

If feedbackCallback is omitted, the feedback button will not be displayed. Both loginBtnCallback and logoutBtnCallback must be defined in order for the logout/login buttons to appear.

Whenever the user logs in, you'll want to call:

webmakerNav.views.login({username: ""});

If an error occurs during login, call:

webmakerNav.showLoginError({duration: 4000});

The login error message will display under the login button for the given number of milliseconds.

When the user logs out, just call:


Customizations to the HTML content of the nav bar can be added by pre-populating the container with custom content, e.g.:

<div id="webmakerNavContainer">
  <div data-webmaker-nav-role="webmaker-info">
    This content will appear on the right side of the content of the
    Webmaker tab.
  <div data-webmaker-nav-role="join-tooltip">
    <div class="wm-unit">
      <h3>Log in to my awesome app to do awesome stuff!</h3>
      <div class="wm-unit-side">
        <img src="some-image">
      <div class="wm-unit-body">
        <p>Don't have an account yet? All you need is an email to get started. Webmaker uses <strong>Persona</strong>, which puts you in control of your identity through a single email address of your choice.</p>

For an example of a basic universal nav embedding, see example/index.html.

Badges Integration

The universal nav may optionally be integrated with Clopenbadger to provide a badge widget next to the login button that can be used to notify users of badges they receive, see what badges they have earned, and so forth. See example/with-badge-ui.html for example code.

A small library of badge notification animations are included under css/notify/. To use a different animation, import the desired file in badge-ui.less and recompile the CSS. This way unused animation CSS won't clutter the production files.