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Development/Support Information

Which Kubernetes version is supported in multus?

Currently multus team supports Kubernetes that Kubernetes community maintains. See Version Skew Policy for the details.

How to debug multus-cni thin image?

Latest multus uses distroless container image for its base, hence there is no shell command. If you want to execute shell in multus pod, please use -debug image (e.g., which has shell.

How to utilize multus-cni code as library?

Multus now uses to expose its code as library. You can use following command to import our code into your go code.

go get

How do I submit an issue?

Use GitHub as normally, you'll be presented with an option to submit a issue or enhancement request.

Issues are considered stale after 90 days. After which, the maintainers reserve the right to close an issue.

Typically, we'll tag the submitter and ask for more information if necessary before closing.

If an issue is closed that you don't feel is sufficiently resolved, please feel free to re-open the issue and provide any necessary information.

How do I build multus-cni?

You can use the built in ./hack/ script!

git clone
cd multus-cni

How do I run CI tests?

Multus has go unit tests (based on ginkgo framework).The following commands drive CI tests manually in your environment:

sudo ./hack/

What are the best practices for logging?

The following are the best practices for multus logging:

  • Add logging.Debugf() at the beginning of functions
  • In case of error handling, use logging.Errorf() with given error info
  • logging.Panicf() only be used for critical errors (it should NOT normally be used)

Multus release schedule

On the first maintainer's meeting, twice yearly, after January 1st and July 1st, if a new version has not been tagged, a new version will tagged.