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A Kubernetes operator for managing Cassandra backups/restores with Medusa


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Medusa Operator

Medusa Operator is a Kubernetes operator that provides backup/restore capabilities for Apache Cassandra® using Medusa for Apache Cassandra®. The operator works directly with the CassandraDatacenter custom resource provided by Cass Operator.


For information on the packaged dependencies of Medusa Operator and their licenses, check out our open source report.

Upgrading Kubernetes Dependencies

When upgrading Kubernetes Go modules, you're likely to get the following error:

go get: requires reading at revision v0.0.0: unknown revision v0.0.0

In this case, run the scripts/ script with your target Kubernetes version as argument.
For example:

./scripts/ v1.21.4

It will download the missing modules and update the go.mod file accordingly. Run go mod tidy after that to update the go.sum file.