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SealDrop Altis-Life

Changelog ArmA 3 extDB2 GitHub stable Download License SealDrop Support

SealDrop AltisLife was edited by DeadP4xel.

###License SealDrop AltisLife by DeadP4xel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Only files with "Author: DeadP4xel" are created by me and licensed under "CC-BY-NC-ND".

###Documentation / Wiki
Here you can find all usefull informations about AltisLife. Visit the wiki

###Installation You can find the installation steps here: Installation Guide

###Creator of Altis-Life Tonic

Traduction FR - SealDrop Altis-Life

###Installation Traduction
- Arrêt du serveur
- Décompresser le fichier zip
- Glisser le dossier **arma3** sur le FTP de votre serveur avec [FileZilla](
- Puis cocher comme sur l'image :


- Redémarrer le serveur
- Enjoy' 👍
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